GIS Covid Update

18 September 2021: Update 9

ASB Getwise programme - coming to students online in Screenmeadows next week!

Kia ora whānau!

Who says school Education Outside the Classroom activities can't still happen during lockdown!

Next week we were supposed to have the ASB Getwise programme come into school to facilitate financial literacy lessons in all classes. We are very happy to be able to let you know today that the ASB facilitators have agreed to facilitate these classes online next week from Monday to Wednesday - just in Screenmeadows! We have made sure these classes do not clash with specialist classes. Please note that the times are a little different as we did need to fit in with the ASB facilitators. The timetable for all classes is below and teachers will also be posting the times in the class stream.

The ASB Getwise programme teaches children good money habits. Next weeks lessons will focus on identifying the difference between needs and wants, learning to save and budgeting basics! There are two lessons for each class across the three days.

A big thanks to our Mr Poon who organised this all to take place! You rock Mr Poon!

Ngā mihi


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