Let Us Make this Place Your Home

An interactive simulation for 8th grade visitors

Welcome to Mount Notre Dame!!!

We are so excited that you have chosen to visit MND today! We have created an activity for you and your Visitor to complete while you are in class. Please have everything completed before the bell rings; but, if you don't - no worries - but you are required to complete Step 5 so I can give credit for work missed in Tech Lit class today.

Before you start take a look at a video we created that explains what makes MND home to our students.


Click here to watch a short video about how our students feel at home as a COUGAR!

STEP ONE: The MND Experience

  1. In MS Word create a Top 10 List of ways MND is a second home to our students.
  2. Draw a picture using the inking tools, depicting the "MND Experience" you and your Visitor are having today.
  3. Print the document to OneNote on a page titled: MND Experience.

Step two: We Want to Hear You

  1. Add a new page to your Visitor's section titled "Come to MND".
  2. On this page create a radio commercial using the audio recording feature on the Insert Ribbon. Your commercial should explain why girls would want to come to MND in less than 30-seconds. Both you and your Visitor should speak in the commercial.

Some topics you might want to speak about are: service opportunities, athletics, theater, and club involvement.

Step Three: Make This Place Your Home

Phillip Phillips said it best, "...I'm going to make this place your home..."

Using the Screen Clipping tool in OneNote find 5 activities on MND's website that your Visitor may want to get involved with or explore when she becomes a Cougar. Send them to a new page in your OneNote notebook titled, 'Home'. Next to each picture have your Visitor write reasons why she'd like to get involved with her choices.

step four: We want to see you

Using the Video Recording feature in OneNote pretend you a late night talk show host and have been given the task to interview students on why they love block scheduling more than a traditional 7-period day. Have the girls sitting in the foyer be your "guest(s)" for the interview.

Step Five: We Want to Remember You

  1. In Outlook create a contact for your Visitor. Allow your Visitor to enter in her own information. **Don't forget her email address. :)
  2. Create an 'all-day' appointment on your Visitor's birthday. Make sure to set it so it reminds you on her birthday.
  3. Write me (Mrs. Brehm) an email. The subject line should be your last name & your Visitor's last name PLUS your class day & time. (Ex: Dodds & Spears 1CD). In the body of the email each of you should tell me what you thought of the assignment and both of you should ink your name.

How are you going to make this place your home?