Social Studies Apps

Middle School content and productivity apps

Aren't you 'appy to be here?!

below is information about all the apps that are being presented today. I hope you have your ipad and access to your app store :)

Good resources: Apps Gone Free and Fotopedia

Apps gone free is an ipad app that gives you access to apps that are being offered free for a limited time. It updates daily and has in the past given some good deals on educational apps.

Fotopedia is a company that has various apps. They vary from culture, to country to wildlife. All are full of pictures and article that connect to the various topics.

School Tools....apps to help students show their learning

Apps that are can be used in class to facilitate what the students have learned or are currently learning.
Haiku Deck
Trading Cards
Popplet lite

History and Geography Apps

These are just a few apps that I have found success with when it come so explaining and showing history and Geography.
History Tools
History Pin
History: Maps of the World

Social Studies Content related Apps

These apps connect directly to the content. Some include interactive games, pictures, maps, narratives, and articles related to the content.
Civil War lite
Constitution on the Ipad
Multi-Language dictionary and translator
History Line
Time Tours:Chichen Itza
European Exploration