By: Christopher Grant Morgan


George Frideric Handel was born into this amazing world on February 23, 1685.

He was born into a German family a British Baroque composer.

Young Little Georgie

Georgie went to Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.
George was a dramatic genius.
Within 15 years, he had already inaugurated 3 commercial opera companies to supply England nobility with lovely Italian opera.


Who Did George Work For?

George Worked For...

George worked mainly for the church and for wealthy people.
He worked often in the court and with an organ.
He was a ballin musician.

Famous Compostion(s) and Why He Is Still Remembered

George's most famous composition was Messiah, which showed his Christian faith to all in a good way!

George is still remembered today because of Sir Samuel Hellier and Granville Sharp, and others who tried to compose Messiah like George did. This carried his famous music down through the ages.


George Frideric Handel died of a bad eye operation, just like Bach. They even had the same doctor.....


George Frideric Handel's Messiah