Aliens are Human Too

A Puppet Show to Remember

Aliens are Human Too

A ground breaking blockbuster film inspired by African American history with aliens!!!! Written by a 9-year-old named Logan Gottesmann.

Night at the Oscars

Monday, June 1st, 7pm

901 Orange Avenue

Cranford, NJ

This event holds many clips of amazing homemade movies.

About Logan by Logan

Logan is a curious, humorous, intelligent little boy who attends OAS. His interests include space and history, which is where his puppet show idea came from.


Bob is an alien from planet Blergaslurg. He's 8 years old along with his friends La and Ta.


Aliens land on Earth from planet Blergaplurg (blerg-aspl-erg)! Find out what happens when little aliens attend human school! See what is in store when little alien Bon presents his, "I have a dream speech." Come see Aliens are Human Too.