"The Land of Fire and Ice" By Carmen Cutrona


Iceland is a beautiful country that is known as the Land of Fire and Ice. It is named this because of the extraordinary geography. Iceland is home to some of the most active volcanoes as well as a few astounding glaciers, the Land of Fire and Ice. The name Iceland came to be when a guy saw only a bit of iceland and named it Iceland to make sure nobody interpreted it wrong, but Iceland is really covered with nice green rolling hills. Enjoy learning more about this beautiful country and the people who live there.

Geography and Travel

Iceland is considered a very young country. It is still developing , and shows how nature can effect the land. The countryside has remained natural, and is considered a luxury to have..

Social and Ethnic Groups

Most of the population is Icelandic and the small other are citizens from other countries internationally . Icelandic people are decendants from the settlers that were irish or swedish. Their education system is divided into four parts; playschool, compulsory, upper secondasecondary, and higher. Citizens are reqired to go to school from ages 6 to 16.

Government/ Foreign Policy

Iceland has a constitutional republic and a parlimentary democracy.Ragar Grímsson is the current president, just elected for his fifth term. Citizens have the right to vote, obligations, human rights, and other rights such as demanding respect. Iceland is a NATO.


Iceland has a mixed economy. The name of their currency is Icelandic króna. The current conversion rate for one króna is 0.0074 in U.S. dollars. The export mainly to the Netherlands in $5.1 billion, and import mostly from Norway in $4.609 billion. Their GDP per capita is $14.6 billion.

Religion, Language, and Country Flag

Iceland citizens speak Iceland's very own language, Icelandic, a North Germanic language made from Old Norse. Their country flag was introduced in 1916. It has two red lines intersecting with a white border around them, and a blue background. 80% of Icelanders are a part of the Lutheran State Church and another 5% are in other christian branches.

Traditions, Culture, Clothes, and Food

Choropleth Maps or Graphs

Thank you for taking the time to read about the axtraordinary country of Iceland