Kennard Elementary School

May 12th 2022

Message from Mrs. Carey!

Dear KES families,

Hope this finds you well! First off, kudos to our boys and girls who have been working SOOOO hard during our Math MCAP testing this week! It is evident that they are putting forth effort and showing all that they have learned. I am beyond proud of them. Thank you to our KES families for sending them to school ready and prepared for the day.

If you see any of our PTA Board Members, please thank them! They provided a bag of treats and snacks to all 450+ of our students on their first day of testing. They also have some fun treats planned for Field Day! When our families help with the PTA fundraising, it helps support special treats for our students and staff while also providing our school with additional materials for instruction and much, much more!

Please make sure you take the time to check out the dates below; we have updated dismissal times for the end of the year as well!

Check out our upcoming calendar dates below:

  • May 24th: KES spring concert @ 6:00 PM
  • May 25th: Field Day!! Information is linked below! Check out the Spirit Week for Field Day!
  • May 27th: 1/2 Day dismissal for all Students and Staff
  • May 30th: No School; Memorial Day
  • June 3rd: 1 PM Dismissal for Students - Grading for staff
  • June ​6​th: ​"Get Crunk" Assembly
  • ​June 8th: 5th Grade Picnic & 2nd Grade Orientation
  • ​June 9th: Rain date for 5th Grade Picnic
  • June 10th: 5th Grade Advancement @ 9:15 AM
  • June 10th: 2 PM Dismissal for Students - FULL Day for staff
  • June 13th: 2 PM Dismissal for Students - FULL Day for staff
  • June 14th: 1 PM Dismissal for Students - FULL Day for staff
  • June 15th: No Students & LAST Day for 10-Month Staff

KES 2022 Field Day Information!

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week!!!

Mrs. Michelle Carey


Amazon Smile Fundraiser Information!

One of our students, Hunter Sidebottom, has a rare genetic condition known as DeSanto Shinawi Syndrome (DESSH), which causes intellectual disability (ID), developmental delays, seizures, anxiety, ADHD, immune Issues and more. This syndrome was discovered about 7 years ago, and to date has less than 150 known cases worldwide. Hunter's family, along with some other families, formed a Charity Parent Foundation to raise awareness and to support finding therapies, research and eventually a cure. The DESSH.ORG foundation is currently fundraising to pay a researcher to delve deeper into the disorder.

Amazon donates to charities by linking Amazon accounts through Amazon Smile. Please consider linking your Amazon account to DESSH. SEARCH Amazon Smile for "Dessh Desanto-Shinawi Syndrome Corporation".

Family Support Resource

Please see attached link for an important resource for Family support.

NAMI Support Information

Students need to remember their own water bottles daily! We are still not able to use our water fountains, only the bottle fill up stations at this time.

Please remind your child to check our Lost & Found in the Cafeteria! There are many coats and items on there that are necessary for going outside on their breaks!