Douglas MacNeille

Business and Pleasure

A Seasoned Lawyer

Douglas MacNeille is experienced in homeowner association law, family law, child support law, business, and personal injury. Born in Illinois in 1949, Douglas went on to become a successful lawyer many years later. However, he still remains tied to the roots of his Illinois heritage and closely follows Chicago sports, including his beloved Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks. Douglas has been practicing law for over 35 years, and he specializes in estate planning and probate law.

A Man of Many Interests

Douglas received his bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia in 1973. specializes in civil litigation, Homeowners Association, Family Law, Estate Planning, and Corporate Law. He lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where he has been practicing law since 1984. His practice, Ruth & MacNeille, P.A. Douglas MacNeille has a vibrant and active past in the law field, and is licensed to practice in the South Carolina Supreme Court in addition to the U.S District Court, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, and various local courts. His high moral standing and family values are what sparked his interest in pursuing matters of justice when it comes to civil and family matters.

Additionally, he is a member of a local Racquet club, and is a past commissioner of Beaufort County Parks and Leisure Services. Douglas MacNeille is also an enthusiastic sports and recreation fan, and is happy to be involved in community sports. He enjoys spending time with his family, and is always working towards his goal of becoming the world's best grandpa. Douglas enjoys working with residents to better their relationships with the Homeowners Association, offering legal advice and counsel to businesses within his town.

Aside from his legal practice, Douglas takes pride in being a founding member of the Hilton Head Island Baseball Association. He uses his expertise to make the community a better place for residents and businesses around him in Hilton Head. After graduating from Southwestern University in Los Angeles, CA in 1979, Douglas went on to be accepted into the California Bar Association, followed by the South Carolina Bar Association. Douglas MacNeille is an attorney with over 35 years of experience in California and South Carolina laws.

Tips fromTheAspiring World's Best Grandpa

As an attorney, Douglas MacNeille has over 35 years of experience. Many would call him an expert in his field. As a grandfather, he is always learning. Douglas MacNeille is a family man, and spends as much time as possible with his son and granddaughter. Living in Hilton Head, South Carolina offers his family many fun family opportunities. Whether going to the beach, dining out at restaurants, or cooking dinner and relaxing at home, Douglas MacNeille is happiest when he's with his family. Over the years, Douglas MacNeille has whittled down what it takes to be a great grandfather. He offers the following tips to like-minded men who are on a similar journey to become the "best ever grandpa."

Be a great storyteller! Grandfathers are known for their wisdom and great stories. Make sure to tell your grandchildren entertaining stories that reflect a valuable moral code. Be a source of fun, inspirational tales that have a hidden lesson

Encourage Sports - Get them outside to play fun sports and activities with you. Teach them some of your favorite sports, and always cheer them on and tell them you're proud. Don't forget to teach them a little sports history and take them out for ice cream afterwards!

Share Family Mementos – Show them mementos and keepsakes that are interesting to them. Tell them the stories and meaning behind why you keep such mementos. Photos, journals, paintings - anything you've created yourself they will surely love.

Help them to become good people - Encourage your grandkids to have an open-mind and to form intelligent opinions of their own on everything you discuss with them. Let them know your opinions on subject, and be sure to let them know that everyone is entitled to have different opinions.

An Experienced Attorney

Douglas has been practicing law for over 35 years, and is a member of both the California Bar Association and the South Carolina Bar Associations. He moved to South Carolina in 1985 and has lived in Hilton Head ever since. He actively provides counsel to matters concerning the Homeowner's Association and Estate Planning. He has served on the Beaufort County Recreation Division, was a past commissioner for the Hilton Head Island Baseball Association, and is a past President of the Beaufort County Bar Association. He enjoys following the sports teams from his home state of Illinois, and you can be sure to find him watching a Bears game during football season. When he is not at his law practice, Douglas can be found playing tennis or golf at one of Hilton Head's recreational clubs, or dining out at one of his favorite restaurants. Douglas is an expert in civil litigation, homeowner association law, child support laws, and estate planning practices. He is well-respected by his community, as he does all he can to make Hilton Head a better place for its residents, both legally and economically.

An ambitious attorney, Douglas MacNeille is admitted to practice in Family Court, Probate court, South Carolina Supreme Court, U.S. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, he graduated from Southwestern University Law School in Los Angeles in 1979 and was accepted into the California Bar Association shortly thereafter. District Court, and 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Additionally, he is well-versed in business law and helps many clients run their businesses ethically and efficiently. He offers his clients professional advice and highly competent counsel.