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October 1, 2021

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Community Tiger Stripes

At Boeckman, we believe in relentlessly praising the positives. In the first month of school, our staff has sent over 900 Tiger Stripes recognizing students doing things that demonstrate our core values of responsibility, integrity and compassion. Our learners have sent over 300 Staff Tiger Stripes recognizing staff for positive contributions to our school community.

We would like to now provide you, as the community, an opportunity to recognize a staff member for their positive impact on our school. If you are willing, take a moment to send a Community Tiger Stripe. The message will be sent to the staff member. Thank you in advance for taking time to help continue to relentlessly recognize the positives within our community.

Conferences (Oct. 14th and Oct. 19th)

Teachers will be setting their conference schedules on Oct. 14th and Oct. 19th and have the option to offer them virtually or in person. All conferences will be scheduled for 15 minutes with your child's Tiger Connections teacher.

Learners, parents/guardians will be meeting with their Tiger Connections teachers, and will not have individual conferences with each of their teachers. Your child's Tiger Connection teacher will be reaching out to you with their schedule and a link to sign up by Thursday, Oct. 7th. If your child works with a case manager or support staff you will receive an email with the option to schedule a second conference with them.

'Devious Licks' Update

Unfortunately, this trend continues to have a presence and we need your help in making sure it does not impact our community. The challenge involves students stealing increasingly bizarre objects from their schools, such as soap dispensers, printers, and even ceiling tiles.

It is rumored that the monthly challenges for October include some of the following: "smack the teacher", "sleep in and be late", "jab a breast", "flip off the front office"

Please make sure to monitor your child's social media and discuss with them the severity of participating in such acts. This is not who we are as a community and it does not reflect the core values that we teach at Boeckman of showing compassion, having integrity, and being responsible.

From our Counselors - October is Depression Awareness Month

October is Depression Awareness Month. This is an important time to reflect on mental health and bring awareness to help those who may be struggling with mental health issues. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among middle school aged children. 20% of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood and that translates to 173 Boeckman Middle School students.

Over the month of October, the counseling office will post on Schoology helpful information to bring awareness to mental health to our learners. Green is the color used for awareness in mental health. The counseling office will have green bracelets on Tuesday, October 5th available to learners and staff to help fight the stigma that is often associated with it.

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Step It Up Fundraiser - Update

THANK YOU for all the donations. We have raised over $16,500 and we are closing in on our goal. The fundraiser continues, so please help us continue to raise funds for our school. The money goes towards supporting learning experiences and student opportunities at Boeckman Middle School.

If you missed it, it is not too late to participate, please see information below from the kickoff this past week. Thank you again for your support.

We know that parents and students are busy, and that is why we want to make the fundraiser as EASY and SUCCESSFUL as possible.

Our entire STEP IT UP! fundraiser can be completed in TEN MINUTES or less! Yes, really!!!!

The most important thing you can do to support our school is to help your child complete the first night “Golden Ticket” email campaign that they will bring home from school Monday.

To get our fundraiser off to a great start, we are asking each and every family to REGISTER and SEND OUT AT LEAST 10 EMAILS MONDAY NIGHT to friends and family, enlisting their support. Don’t forget to ADD YOURSELF you can donate online too!

All donations are processed via PayPal, so they are safe and secure, and the emails you send will only be used for this fundraiser (not saved for any other purpose).

While you have until the end of our fundraiser to raise money, this First Night Golden Ticket Assignment will not only qualify your child some fun PARTICIPATION REWARDS & MASSIVE GIVEAWAY DRAWINGS but will help us get off to an amazing start!

Please Visit:

Parents ~ Here’s a 2 minute “how-to” video if you have any questions about registering

We look forward to incredible participation and thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students.

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Steel Pan Band

From Sept. 14-Oct. 12 we are very fortunate to have Jeremy Kunkel, from PanOutreach, at Boeckman Middle School working with our Explorations in Music and Band learners. They are all getting the opportunity to play these wonderful Steel Pan instruments! This is for students enrolled in a Explorations in Music class (6th and/or 7th grade) students and percussionists (6-8 grade).

This experience will culminate in an evening concert on October 12 at 6:00pm in the BMS Little Theater. To assist Jeremy in planning the music selections and rehearsing the groups, please fill out the form to let us know if your student will be participating in the concert. Students not choosing to participate in the concert are still playing in class.

Thank you for your support!

The Boeckman Middle School Music Department

Rachel Gorden Mercer

Joe Lasko

Sarah O'Banion

To learn more about the Pan Outreach program, visit their website:
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What is learner agency?

Learner agency is comprised of four distinct components:

  • Setting Goals (forethought, intentionality)*
  • Initiating Action (choice, autonomy)*
  • Reflecting and Redirecting (self-reflective, self-discipline)*
  • Internalizing Self-Efficacy (growth mindset)*

PCBL is a framework in which teachers can intentionally and progressively develop learner agency through co-created learning experiences.*

*Adapted from Education Re-imagined.

Competencies vs. Standards - How are the different? (Repeat - 9/24)

Academic standards define the content and skills of the discipline. Standards are the hub for instructional delivery. While most standards are at a low depth of knowledge, competencies are created at a higher cognitive demand. Competencies are aligned to state and national standards and allow learners to demonstrate the ability to apply or transfer content and skills in or across content areas.

Social-Emotional Survey Coming Soon (repeat)

Please see the letter, linked HERE. Students will be asked to complete this survey during a Tiger Connection class during the week of October 4-8. The data provided by students completing the survey can ensure that the actions our schools are taking are working and will help inform our decisions to continue or change what we are doing to support learners. Please see the letter linked above for more information.
Order a BMS Yearbook Today (repeat)

Order a BMS yearbook for only $25. Order personalization by 9/24/21 and get 4 free icons. **All sales are online.

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Farmington Area Public Schools have a number of positions open for the 2021-2022 school year. If you want to make a positive difference in the lives of young learners, we encourage you to apply today.

Looking for a job that follows the school year calendar? Apply for one of our paraprofessional openings.

Are you a nurse with a passion for helping youth? We have openings for nurses.

Interested in an active, hands-on job? We have custodial openings.

Click here to see all current openings at Farmington Area Public Schools.

Moana Jr. Auditions (Ages 5-18) (Repeat)

Castle Theater and Farmington Community Education proudly presents Disney’s Moana Jr! Auditions will be Oct 4th and 5th. Not everyone will be guaranteed a part. Rehearsals will run weeknights and evenings Oct 14-Dec 9. The performances will be Dec 10-19. More information can be found here or please register for your child’s preferred audition time here:

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2021 Back to School Info (Repeat)

Click here for important Fall 2021 Health and Safety Information.

Important Infinite Campus Update (Repeat)

There are changes to Campus Parent and Campus Student mobile apps and the web address that you need to be aware of in preparation for the new school year.

Important Dates

Tuesday, October 12.....................................Steel Drum Concert

Thursday, October 14....................................2 Hour Early Release - Conferences

Friday, October 15.........................................Flexible Learning Day

Monday, October 18......................................End of 1st Quinmester

Tuesday, October 19.....................................Conferences

Thursday, October 21...................................NO SCHOOL

Friday, October 22........................................NO SCHOOL

*Details for some activities will be shared closer to dates.

About us

The mission of BMS, a welcoming, learner-centered community committed to personalization that nurtures curiosity and innovation, is to ensure that each learner exercises agency for continuous personal growth in order to find joy and well-being for their future while positively impacting their communities through a system distinguished by:

  • Personalization that honors the uniqueness of each learner
  • Mistakes and reflection as essential components of learning
  • Openness to new ideas and innovation
  • Safe environments that support a growth mindset
  • Partnering with the community to champion our learners