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Team Challenge

BOLD Goal for 2016!

Ladies and gents 2016 is a brand new year which means new goals!! So this year I have decided our goals need to be BOLD! By that I mean we need to stretch ourselves and work outside our comfortable zone!

Originally, I though we could double our entire team by December 31st but figured that is only 1 person for the entire year and I decided no we can do more than that!! So, I thought to be BOLD we need to do more..so what about tripling the team size?? ?? No BOLDER!! I would like to QUADRUPLE our ENTIRE TEAM!! So that means if we all just add 4 new people to our team in the next 12 months we have made that goal!! Now to go along with that team challenge - I will be doing a BOLD incentive!

When we hit out goal - each person who added at least 4 new people to their team in 2016 will be entered into a drawing to win $500 in FREE Origami Owl jewelry (retail cost)!!

So who is with me??
If you have a BOLD goal that you would like to achieve this year - let me know! I would love to help you achieve it whether Origami Owl related OR not!

Here's to a great year!


Ok ladies...now that I have my reports for March....I was able to finally do the drawings for each of the challenges!! So here we go!!

Challenge #1 - January winner - Theresa Henson
Challenge #1 - February winner - Debbie Dean
Challenge #1 - March winner - Kimberely Kisner

All of these ladies won $50 in retail products!!

Challenge #2 - January winner - Tracey Weaver
Challenge #2 - February winner - Lissa Marie Watts
Challenge #2 - March winner - Cailin Bundrick

All of these ladies won $50 in retail products!!
Bonus - all of the people who maintained their paid-as-title for all 3 months also went into a drawing and that winner will get $100 in retail product.....and that winner is.......Debbie Dean !!!!

Challenge #3 - We had 3 promotions and 1 of these promotions was a double promotion....so the winner is Lissa Marie Watts!! She will receive $150 in retail products!!

Congrats to all who worked their businesses this 1st quarter!!
Some amazing things have been happening...I can't wait to see what else happens next quarter!!