Respiratory System

By: BiLaL Khan

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What's The Purpose of the Respiratory System ?

The respiratory system is the reason all of us are breathing right now. The respiratory system takes in oxygen from the air and gets rid of carbon dioxide. This is what lets us play instruments,talk,make noise, and lets us blow up balloons. Inhaling and exhaling is what the respiratory does. The air comes in from mouth or nose and goes to the lungs.

3 Of Many Organs in Respiratory include lungs,ribs, and chest muscles.

If a pregnant woman smokes than the baby has a tough time breathing.

Fun Facts !

The right lung is bigger than the left lung by just a little bit.

Men have a slower breathing rate compared to woman and children.

Nose Hair is helpful to you because it warms up the air that's inhaled and and cleans it as well.

When you yawn more oxygen is being brought to the lungs.