Changing in the learning and work

Infulx of the workers from the EU locally and the UK?

The impact is that there are fewer jobs for the local people who live in the UK so their will be more demand on services. Also the country will be more population. It can cause racism.

Effects of the closure of businesses in the UK?

The effect of closing businesses its that there wont be any jobs to go around and that will mean that the government will have to give them benefits and maybe they might go into crime because of boredom and financial problems.

What is or was jobs for life?

There are fewer jobs for life such as mining, docks and council work. I don't think there are any jobs for life because of the economic climate. Not many now.

Impact of technology in the workplace?

The impact of the technology in the workplace is that there are fewer jobs because technology is doing the job and so unemployment may rise. For example a chocolate factory has machines to make the chocolate instead of people. Although Software companies use computers a lot so there will be more jobs available there for people to control the technology.

Affects on people who haven't got high qualifications?

They maybe not want to go to university or want to get a higher job because they may think they are not good enough for the job when they actually are. It also has an affect on when they try and apply for the job and they may not get it because of just their quantification. If you don't have the C grades then you will have to do evening courses and resit them when you have free time or go into employment which may not challenge you.

Increase of service industries?

The increase of service industries are health, catering, retail, builders so people are getting jobs but they are not getting well paid because there are more of them so less pay and more people will be applying for them so there will be less opportunity that they will actually get the job.

Which companies suffered in the rescession?

There are lots of companies that suffered in the recession but here are some that suffered the most, such as Jessops, HMV, Blockbusters, Barretts and game and lots of manufacturing businesses are doing really well.

Types of companies that are expanding?

Here are some companies that are expanding, such as Google, Apple and Subway there are lots more but these are the main ones that are doing really well. There are also lots of retail opportunities as well that are expanding.

Implications of Zero Hour contracts?

The implication is that people wont know if they are going to get the work so this will mean that you will not get paid. This may lead to you getting in debt or you getting on benefits.

Who will pay for your skills and knowledge when it is constantly being updated?

Some people may not have enough money to keep doing their training so companies should be able to pay for them or the government. However the government have cut back on training now so you will have to get a part time job if you can.

Does it matter that you don't have a life long plan?

No because you don't have to have a life long plan because there are careers advisers in which you can talk to about your future and then plan your life long plan with help from them

How do you feel about Zero Hour contracts?

Your employer may not need you for days, weeks or even months so you wouldn't be able to pay for bills and for other essential things, this may lead to debt, This may lead to crime but this is really rare. I would feel worried about financial income because of not getting any work.

Moving away abroad to get the right job?

If you move abroad for to find a job it will be very stressful, tiring and hard work because you have to consider about a visa, language, laws and you also have to find the job when you have finally got to your area.

Having to study a apprenticeship because of you can't go to University because of cost swill this matter?

No because whilst you are on the apprenticeship you are also getting paid whilst you are learning so if you are doing what you want to do then it doesn't matter.