Torn Notebook

Lincoln, Nebraska

Background History

The Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery commissioned this sculpture. It is an original piece made by Clause Oldenburg. It was installed on August 20, 1996. It was installed in Lincoln, Nebraska. I couldn't find how long the process took to build it.

Artist's Statement

Claus thinks it looks like it was just thrown on the lawn and is barely touching the ground, making it look graceful. His thought process was very odd. He was mad because he couldn't think of any ideas so he tore his notebook and threw it over his shoulder and used the torn notebook as his idea for a sculpture. The communication of this sculpture is showing that he didn't have ideas for a regular sculpture so he used the notebook out of frustration. The only challenges he faced was not being able to come up with ideas to make a sculpture.

My Opinion

I like this sculpture. It is very unique and it is really cool. I like how he chose to put it in Lincoln. The thing I like most about it is how he got the idea out of frustration. He got mad because he didn't have any ideas so he tore his notebook in half and threw it over his shoulder and turned around and got the idea to make the sculpture.
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