what is a concussion? a concussion is when you hit your head hard enough that it hits the inside of your skull leaving a bruise on your brain.

what ive learned about CONCUSSIONS!!!!!!

I've learned alot of pretty intresting things about concussions. Like a kid got a concusion from sleding down a 15ft hill not wearing a helmet. Also the country with the most concusions from 2005-2014 is canada and the united states. Plus the sport with the most conccuisions is hockey,football,soccer and rugby.

how easy it is to get a CONCCUSION!!!!!!

It's actually really easy to get a concussion. you can get a concussion from falling on the ground. to get a concussion you just have to hit your head leaving a bruise/mark on your brain. To prove so there is a girl who as ai said was sleding down a 15ft hill not wearing a helmet see you can get a concussion fom snow so that pretty much proves it.

how to prevent CONCUSSIONS!!!!!!

its pretty easy if your sleding on a icy hill wear a helmet. when playing sports wear a sertafied helmet (i personnaly play hockey) like if your playing hockey for sertant ages there are different stamps like orange,red,green... so its pretty easy. now go be safe and not get a concussion.