Present Day Women

Impacting Lifestyles, Decisions, Events, and Figures

Jobs Women Have

Women have upgraded over the centuries up until they get almost all of the jobs that men have. Females get to be engineers, teachers, housewives, saleswomen, politicians, and thousands more jobs that now both men and women get the opportunity to attempt. Mainly most jobs men and women get the same salary for the same position, though there are still jobs out there that males get the advantage over women. Women have a lot more options of what they want their future to look like in comparison to the 1700's and 1800's. Women get accepted into college, and get good educations, and can go to some of the classes that men attend. Plus, most men treat women as equals instead of lower than themselves, and so they treat them fairly and with respect.

Woman' Fashion

Present Woman Clothing

Of the year 2013, women use a wide variety of clothing styles. It ranges from short to long outfits, scary to upbeat clothing, or cute and peppy to hideously gross and unattractive. Females wear dresses, shorts, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, gauchos, slacks, leggings, onesies, and much more. In comparison to the 1700's and 1800's, which were long, fancy, elegant dresses, evolved into short, party dresses, long, thin graduation dresses, and to not only wearing dresses all the time, but to a wide variety of options depending on what you want to wear that day.

By: Chloe T.