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Project Time!

After hours of research and note-taking, we are finally writing and producing! Each student has picked a specific writing style and is using their research to create a writing piece. This has taken several PEAK days to develop, but we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor. Once our writing piece is complete, each student will get to pick a creative piece to do about their country. All of our work will then be presented at the End-Of-The-Year Showcase in May! I just counted...there are only 10 more days of PEAK!!!! (and so much left to do! :-) )

PLEASE SEND TO PEAK in MARCH...36x48 Trifold Display Board! CLICK HERE to see an example from Target.

Newsletters from PEAK will come ONCE per MONTH

As you know, much of what we do is on going. Therefore, I will only be sending newsletters at the beginning of each month. You will get an update on Theme study each time and any other tidbits/noteworthy information.

Math: Students will be working on problem solving sets. They will work independently and at their own pace. Most have completed 6 sets of problems and some have completed more!

Science: We are experimenting with electricity this year. Students are using the scientific method to investigate and discover new things. TODAY, we created circuits with sound. We then used resistors to control the volume!

Topic Study: Students have picked independent topics to study. Each student will spend time "digging" into those topics and will work on projects to deepen their understanding. See the pictures below!

Contact me!

Remember, I am only at school on Thursdays. You are welcome to contact me at home at or 816-678-4276.