ELC Newsletter

January 8, 2016

OASYS dates, and Classroom Visits

Mid Year reviews will be held with all new staff

February 15th: Second survey due for all staff on years 1,2 or non- formal evaluation years

Classroom observations: There was a question about which standard the classroom observations can be placed under. The answer is any: If you had assessment as your primary focus, watching another teacher administer assessments and reflecting with them on how they use the data to drive instruction is appropriate. Most will place is under standard 6, professionalism, but any of the standards could be appropriate depending on your focus and professional practice goal.

Congratulations to Diesel !

Kindergarten teachers nominated 10-12 students across the 5 classrooms to receive the Free Milwaukee Admirals tickets for this Saturday, January 9th, 2015. Diesel's name was picked and mom came and picked up their tickets this week! Way to go Diesel and have fun at the hockey game !

PALS Webinars

January 19th is the PALS Webinar on Progress Monitoring and use of the Quick Checks. On February 16th, there is a webinar on " Concept of Word and Why it Matters". I have the login information to go to, these are quick webinars that are short, but helpful as resources.

STAR Testing Begins next Week

The mid year session for STAR assessments, begins on Monday, January 11th, 2016. Please let me know of students who need to be added, who were not here, or did not take the fall assessment, as I will need to contact Mr. Sadoff to upload those students.

Upcoming Events At ELC

Monday, January 11th: PM: Autism Grant Team meeting

Tuesday, January 12th: Fundations Training in the DMR

Thursday, January 14th: 7:00 AM 4K Staff Meeting

Friday, January 15th: End of First semester

Monday, January 18th: In Service Day

My Out of Building Times for 1/11-1/15/2016

Monday, January 11th: 7:15 AM FLC PST; part of PM in the Autism grant meeting

Tuesday, January 12th, 8-3:00 Last Day of Fundations Training in DMR

Wednesday, January 13th: 8;30 BAMS BCT

Thursday, January 14th: HMHS observation; 1:00 Meeting with Marian University; 4:00 Lomira Transition Planning Fair

Friday, January 15th: RSN all day with Liz Flaherty at CESA 6