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Father be with all victims who have lost their homes,

their animals, their crops and their livelihood.

Bless the many volunteers who support our fire fighters with food and drink,

and all those who give to those left with nothing.

We pray too for killed or injured wildlife; both native and domestic,

and for trees and plant life that have been destroyed.

Send out your Spirit and renew the face of our injured and wounded land and all her people.

May our gathering in prayer increase our solidarity with all who give

so much of themselves to protect so many.

In your boundless love, watch over us all and keep us safe.

Term One, Week Two - 17 February 2021

Principal - Paula MacKenzie

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It has been a very unusual start to the new year, and we are mindful of our students and their families. Not only was there a halt in the beginning of the school year due to COVID-19 but also the destruction of property and wildlife both domestic and native due to the fires that raged through our surrounding suburbs. The fires have affected many of our families, and as a community we are very aware of this. As a community we wish to stand by our families with this in mind if you have been affected by the fires please contact me so as a community, we can help.

When school opened it was wonderful to see so many families join us in celebrating the first day of term. The joy on our students faces was wonderful to see along with happy parents. There was a definite buzz around the school as children settled into school quickly. Getting settled into a new school year is important.

Teachers use the first few weeks to develop confidence in students and to gradually introduce them to the new work or expectations that are part of growing up and moving on. At this stage, teachers are designing programs that allow students to experience success as well as practicing both old and new routines. Teachers are currently working on developing a picture of the capabilities of each student. Lots of assessment happens at the beginning of the year so that we gain an understanding of what your child already knows and what skills they need to develop or refine. Teachers can then use this information to develop programs that provide support and challenges for every student.

Our curriculum is designed around building upon what a child already knows and using this to create learning opportunities to learn and discover more. The assessments ensure that students have a solid foundation in skills before attacking more complex ideas and activities. Getting to know your child and ensuring that they are settled into their new class and feeling confident are very important first steps for teachers.

You can read all types of research that will tell you how to identify a successful school; however, I believe the best ‘litmus test’ is the response of the children, teachers and parents. We have had an extremely smooth start to the school year. Credit must go to our dedicated staff who have spent many hours ensuring that we have a ‘hassle-free’ start and credit must also go to the children who have settled quickly and industriously back into ‘school mode’.

Schools are dynamic ‘people organisations’ and as a school community we all have a vested interest in the well-being of the school. The working relationship between the home and the school is a vital link, ensuring a positive and productive education for every child.

As Principal, my number one priority is the happiness and safety of every child. Children who are feeling happy and safe are receptive learners. From the moment you enrol your child at St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School you are encouraged to develop a strong partnership with us. When parent’s express confidence in the school and teachers, and are involved in some way, their children are more likely to be happier and perform better academically.


A warm St Brigid’s welcome to all our new families who are joining us for the beginning of 2021.We have a number of new families within our school and we hope that very quickly you will become part of our school community. We would also like to welcome our new staff members for 2021 a special welcome to Mrs Bianca Brown and Mrs Nicole Smith.


I am a strong advocate for the wearing of school uniforms. Our uniform looks fantastic and should be worn with pride and correctly. We ask that all our students wear their full uniform every day. There are enormous benefits for ensuring all students wear our full school uniform. These include:

  • Defining our school identity.
  • Developing within our students a sense of belonging to our school community.
  • Provides an opportunity to build and enhance ‘school spirit’.
  • Promotes a sense of inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equal opportunity.
  • Enhances the health and safety of students when involved in school activities and excursions.

Uniforms also comply with our obligations under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. They promote positive community perceptions of our school and makes school clothing more affordable by eliminating the risk of peer pressure to wear current fashions and expensive clothes.

We ask that you also take careful note of school shoes and please check that your children are wearing leather black lace up shoes (polished) for school each day for students in Year One to Year Six (not black joggers) or brown school sandals in term 1 and 4.

Grooming is an important part of our school day and therefore I ask that you please check the hair styles of our students. As part of our uniform policy, we ask that boys have short back and sides, I have noticed several longer hair styles and ask that parents please check that hair is trimmed above the eyebrows and kept free of the face and above the collar. We also ask for no extreme hairstyles which would include rat’s tails and razor cuts or sweeping fringes or spiky hair styles. Girls hair if below the collar will need to be tied back with elastic bands and may have a ribbon or scrunchie in school colours.

The only jewelry that is to be worn is a watch and a cross and chain. Girls may also wear one pair of earrings, small studs or small sleepers.

It is important as a school that we set standards for our students, how they look and feel about themselves is important and wearing our uniform correctly and with pride is essential for their development.


This week Playgroup began, it was exciting to see so many excited children and parents attend. We saw twenty families join our playgroup and look forward to seeing everyone again next week.


St Brigid’s is a nut aware school we ask parents please not to send nut products to school as we have several students who are allergic to nut products. Please check labels to make sure nuts are not contained in such items as muesli bars. Peanut paste and Nutella should not be bought to school in sandwiches. I thank you for your help in this matter.


Holders of a Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card are eligible to apply for the Health Care Card Tuition Fee Discount. To be valid, the HCC must be current. Please present your card to the front desk and complete an Application form, which is available online from our website. For those families who participated in this scheme last year, YOU MUST RE-APPLY EACH YEAR to continue receiving benefit from this scheme. The cut off date is the end of Term One however if you receive a new card after this date please bring it in as soon as possible.


Whether your child is just starting school, or the children are returning after a long summer’s break, getting into the swing of things at the start of the school year can be a challenge!

Listed below are some simple strategies that can be useful to get everyone back into the routine of school days!

Ensuring your child has had adequate rest is very important. Is your child getting to bed at a reasonable time? Children’s need for rest can vary at times and warm summer nights can affect your child’s sleep patterns. It is important to set an agreed bedtime and stick to it where possible. If your child is wakeful, encourage them to read quietly in their bed or listen to some quiet, restful music.

Setting a regular pattern of events in the morning can impact on how smoothly and happily everyone gets ready for school. Here are a few ideas that other parents have found useful which can save a lot of last minute headaches and fuss:

The night before:

  • Check that your child’s school clothes are clean and ready for the next day. Encourage them to place their shoes with their clothes in readiness.
  • Are there any additional activities happening (e.g. sport, library?) Have your child place the necessary items in their school bag.
  • Lunches can also be prepared or semi prepared. Children can help with this.
  • Bags can be packed (don’t forget school hats!) by your child and placed in a regular spot ready for the next morning.

In the morning:

  • Using an alarm will ensure everyone is out of bed with plenty of time to get ready.
  • Be positive! Grumpy parents make for grumpy children. Encourage and give positive feedback.
  • Keep the TV off! If the TV is to go on, only allow it to go on after your child is absolutely ready to go!
  • Provide a healthy breakfast e.g. cereal, milk, juice, water, toast and spread, fresh fruit. Kids are like cars …they run (behave and learn) better on good fuel.
  • Encourage children to get ready by themselves: cleaning teeth, brushing hair, packing school bag, making bed, helping them only where needed.

Leave the house on time. Setting the kitchen timer can be a help here. Tell the children that when the alarm goes you will be leaving for school; make sure you are ready yourself!

God Bless

Assistant Principal - Mike Sibbald

Lent is the period of forty days that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday.

It is the Christian time of preparation for Easter ~ “The Feast” of the church year, where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

It is recognised as a time of fasting, reflection, prayer and penance and is closely linked with Baptism… Where we die to our old ways and rise to new life in Christ.

Sundays are not included in the days of Lent because every Sunday is a Day of Resurrection.

Please encourage your child/children to keep their Lenten promises and contribute to Project Compassion.


Today, we celebrated the beginning of our Lenten Season with a whole school Ash Wednesday Mass. Thank you to Fr Benny for leading us in this special Eucharist, along with Klara Malabanan (6A) our altar servers. A special congratulations to those Staff Members who assisted with the readings and prayers. Thank you to Mrs Yeo and all children for your beautiful singing! Class Project Compassion Boxes were blessed and distributed to classes, ready to receive the generosity of our families over the next six weeks of Lent. A special thank you to parents who were able to attend: your support is highly valued. The children in Kindergarten also received the ashes back at school after mass.


This weekend, Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 February, is our Sacramental Commitment Mass weekend. ALL children who are making any of the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and/or Confirmation are required to attend one of the masses. This means, those families of children making a sacrament, may choose to attend any one of the three (3) masses (Sat 6.30pm, Sun 9.30am & Sun 6.00pm) to make their sacramental commitment.

A letter from our Parish Priest, Fr Benny, along with the necessary sacrament booklet and parent commitment form, were be sent home last week.


While our St Brigid’s School began back in 1902, this year marks the 200th Anniversary of Catholic Education in Australia. The Chairperson of the National Catholic Education Commission, Nicholas Moore, shared a wonderful reflection of this milestone stating:

It’s a remarkable achievement that Catholic education has successfully responded to meet the needs of Australia’s changing population, and economic and social circumstances over 200 years. From very humble beginnings, Catholic education has grown to become the single largest school sector outside of government. As we celebrate this significant milestone, it’s timely to take stock of all that has been achieved and to look ahead to identify how we can better deliver an excellent standard of Catholic schooling for generations of young people to come.

We are all very proud of our contribution to Catholic Education and would like to sincerely thank, all families for their ongoing support and encouragement, as we endeavour to provide the best opportunities for all of our students.


Year 3 RECONCILIATION – Tuesday 4 May 2021 (5.00pm)

Year 4 FIRST EUCHARIST – Sunday 13 June 2021 (11.00am)

Year 6 CONFIRMATION – Sunday 29 August 2021 (11.00am)

Assistant Principal - Luke Shaw


Welcome to the new school year! The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time. It is great being back at school and seeing our wonderful students – albeit a little later than we expected!


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Parent Information Sessions will not be taking place in their usual form this year. Teachers will create their presentations or booklets, as is usually the case, and upload these to Seesaw on Monday 22 February. If need to meet with your child’s teacher/s to discuss an issue of importance relating to your child, p

lease contact the teacher/s to arrange a meeting time. Thank you for your understanding.


As you are aware, our Year 3-6 students were due to partake in swimming lessons, from Monday 8 February. We were advised that our two-week program could not be accommodated due to COVID-19 restrictions. Swimming lessons for Years 3-6 will now take place during the last two weeks of Term Two. These lessons will take place at Maida Vale Heated Pool, as Swan Active is not able to accommodate us.


You may remember that we were to host a cyber-safety presentation for parents early in 2020. Unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time. This 2020 workshop was organised as a direct response to a parent survey, sent during 2019. I am excited to announce that Paul Litherland, founder and co-owner of Surf Online Safe will be visiting our school on Wednesday 24 March. Paul will present to our Year 5 & 6 students during the day, before presenting to parents later in the evening (6:30-8:00pm, in the MacKillop Hall). It is wonderful that we are able to have Paul present to our senior students and parents on this important issue. If you would like to attend the parent evening, please register at by Wednesday 17 March. More information can be found at Thank you to Laurie Eveson (School Psychologist) for organising Paul’s visit.


School Photos will take place on Wednesday 24 March. I will provide more information in upcoming newsletters.


As we begin the school year, I would like to remind all parents and caregivers that teachers do not attend to their emails during instruction time as they are focused on the needs of our students. Teachers are also not expected to respond to emails after hours. We believe that is fair and reasonable for teachers to have two business days to reply to emails. If your matter is of an urgent nature, please contact the school office.


As we begin the school year, I remind parents and caregivers of our carpark procedures.

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State Representative – Madeleine Shaw

On behalf of the St Brigid’s Primary School community, I would like to congratulate Madeleine Shaw (6A) on being selected in the Western Australian Junior Calisthenics Team for 2021! This follows her success from last year when she also made the team, and it is encouraging to see that her hard work and dedication has resulted in another State selection. Details regarding where and when the team will compete are still to be finalised due to the current travel restrictions, however, the team will still be preparing and finalising routines throughout the year so that they are prepared for any situation. Well done Maddie!

If any other students of our school community have any sporting news that they would like to share, please email myself at as we love to celebrate our student’s achievements.



Canteen Online Orders

Please click on the link above to place canteen orders ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 9.00AM


If you would like to order uniforms for your children you can click on the link below and email your completed order through to the address on the bottom of the order form. Jo will then process your order during uniform shop hours being: Monday and Friday mornings from 8am to 9.30am and Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm to 3.30pm. Uniforms will then be sent to your child's classroom.

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Come along and join the St Brigid's Swim Squad. Training takes place every Tuesday morning at Swan Active, Morrison Road, Midvale, commencing at 7am. Entry is $3.40 (no spectator fee for parents).

Swim Squad is for students in Yrs 2 to Yr 6 whom are at swimming level 5 or above. Students can then take advantage of Breakfast Club at school which commences at 8.10am in the MacKillop Hall. If you have any queries, please contact Deanna (DJ) on 0419 943 901.

Before & After School Care

Parents, we are here to support you and your children in before and after school hours! We offer a secure, safe and exciting environment for your children to thrive and be a part of a socialized group.

Please note an enrolment form and 1 days' notice is to be given to make your casual bookings for your children.

We are here to help! Enrolment forms are now online

Vacancies Available Now!

P: 0484302073


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