Special Education corner

updates for the Friday Forecast

Oral Administration

Thank you for continuing to help make oral administration testing run as smooth as possible. We appreciate all of your advanced notifications of upcoming tests, quizzes, etc. This has continued to help Mrs. Boland plan and coordinate tests, prepare for iPad planning, and help with logistics. For teachers of ELA and Math co-taught classes, thank you for continuing to work so closely together your to determine how to best facilitate testing. If you have any questions or concerns about oral administration, please speak to a special education teacher.

Schedule change update

A handful of students may be changing classes in the next few weeks as casemanagers and IEP teams continue to evaluate placement and setting. As the team meets to discuss progress, a student need might arise where a schedule may need to be adjusted. We just wanted to make you aware as IEP meetings are continually being held.

IEP meetings

We wanted to extend our continued gratitude for your wonderful participation in IEP meetings. Your active contributions helps to make the meetings more productive, run smoother, and allow for the team to share richer information. Parents are very appreciative of your professionalism and perspective on their child's progress in your classroom. The meetings are student-centered, and your participation shows just how much you have the student's best interests in mind. Thank you also for your punctuality, your patience, and your understanding when some meetings are longer than may have been expected.