Carnegie Updates

for the week of January 18th

Principal Pollard

Dear Carnegie Professionals,

Many thanks to the members of Carnegie's Local School Council (LSC) who voted to renew my Principal Contract through June 30, 2020. I am honored to serve in the capacity of your Principal and Instructional Leader for the next four years. Mrs. Stem will continue to serve as your Assistant Principal. We have worked and collaborated to move Carnegie School from a Level 3 school to a Level 1 school in three years. I am extremely proud of the instruction and learning that is going on in most of our classrooms. We will continue to work at providing all of our students with learning environments that are challenging and engaging. As always, our goal is to continue our “wave of success,” persist in our efforts to overcome all challenges, and ensure the very best for our students. "Level 1+ is in our Horizon"

The 2016-2018 LSC elections will be held on April 13th. We are in need of two (2) teacher members and one (1) non-teacher staff member. If you are interested in joining Carnegie's LSC or seeking re-election, you will need to complete the LSC Candidate forms and return forms to Ms. Dabney by March 1st. Please see Ms. Dabney for forms.

The Black History Assembly will be held on Friday, March 4th at 2:00 p.m. The assembly will be for grades 4th through 8th grades. All grades must prepare students for the assembly. Please see Mrs. Daley-Mitchell in Room 204 for additional information.

There are 37 students that are still out of medical compliance. Ms. Matthews (school nurse) will place Out of Medical Compliance Parent Letters and U of C Medical Van Parent Consent forms in your mailboxes biweekly. You are to distribute documents to your students. All completed forms are to be placed in your attendance folder and sent to the main office. The U of C medical van will visit our school on Tuesday, January 26th, Tuesday, February 23rd, Tuesday, March. 22nd & Tuesday, April 12th. Additional parent consent forms are in the main office. Any student not in medical compliance by February 5th will be excluded from school.

"One Word Resolution for 2016" Bulletin Board. Thank you to all staff members who added their one word to the bulletin board this week. Don't forget to pick a word, a word you really, really want to apply to just about every corner of your life. Chose a positive word and live it for the year. Image how much more powerful and impactful we would be. Imagine the difference we would make. The positive change would help create a positive learning environment for parents, students and staff. Just, write your word on a piece paper with a colored marker or sharpie and staple it on the bulletin board (near the gym). All our words will create a beautiful word cloud! So, What's your word for 2016?

Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

  • Reading, Writing & Mathematics Lesson Plans for the weeks of January 18th-29th are due on Tuesday, January 19th at 8:45 a.m. in the main office.
  • Grades for all subjects should be current in Gradebook through January 15th. Gradebook feedback for the week of January 11th-15th will be placed in your mailbox on Tuesday, January 19th.

Domain 2: Classroom Environment

  • You are to continue to use the Student Behavioral Form to document student misconducts. The 1st infraction (Groups 1-4), a student/teacher conference. The 2nd infraction (Groups 1-4), a Parent/Teacher Conference and the 3rd infraction (Groups 1-4), Student/Administration Conference and Detention and/or In-School Suspension. All Groups 5 & 6 must be referred to Administration.

Domain 3: Instruction

  • The TRC-MOY Assessment window opened on Monday, December 14th. All Kindergarten through 2nd grade students must be assessed by Friday, January 22nd. You are to assess five students per day and sync your device daily. Katie Brousseau, Amplify Education Coach will present a TRC/DIBELS Data Analysis Workshop on Tuesday, January 26th at 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. You will need to bring your laptop and Data Binder to the meeting.
  • We now have a Nearpod school site license through January 2017. All teachers may access all of Nearpod's resources at no charge. All Team Chairpersons have Administrator's rights. You may access Nearpod via or download the app from the App Store. All teachers accounts have been upgraded and you may log-on using your current username and password. Any problems accessing resources, please email me. For additional support, there will be Nearpod webinar on February 5th.

  • *NEW* ISBE SCIENCE TEST: ISBE confirmed Illinois will administer an online science assessment to students in grades 5, 8 and high school biology THIS SCHOOL YEAR. The testing window will be open “throughout May” (and part of April, if possible). Exact dates are forthcoming.

  • The 2016 My Voice, My School Student Survey opened on January 11th. You are to administer the survey to all students by Friday, January 22nd. The link for 4th & 5th grade students to take the survey is: The link for 6th-8th grade students to take the survey is: Students will need to enter their student ID and birth date to take the survey. For additional support please see Ms. Hegwood.

Domain 4: Personal Responsibilities

  • Our attendance rate for last week was 93.36%. That's a 2.46% decrease from the previous week. You are to input attendance into IMPACT by 9:30 a.m. and send your Attendance Folder to the front desk (Mr. Bush). Mr. Bush will call each classroom daily to cross check that students marked absence in IMPACT are absence. The top three classrooms with the highest attendance rate for January will receive a FREE school bus, pizza party. Winners will be announced on Monday, February 1st.
  • There will be a principal-directed meeting this week. The focus of meeting Winter Data Analysis. You are to arrive promptly at your meeting time and you are to bring your Data Binder and a calculator. You are to review your Spring Growth & Attainment Target Goals prior to the meeting. Deputy Chief Hamilton will visit the principal-directed meetings (which two are unknown).
  • You are to read Better Learning Through Structured Teaching-Chapter 5: Independent Learning: Applying What Has Been Taught by February 5th. Please be prepared to discuss and complete Chapter 5 learning activities.

ESP/MSU Student Interns:

  • All ESPs & MSU Student Interns must report to morning duty promptly at 8:30 a.m. Students are to be supervised at all times. The following staff members are assigned to the below designation.
  • Ms. Gletten, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. P. Johnson, Ms. Harris, Ms. Close, Ms. Visci, Mr. Daw, & Ms. Meza, Ms. Vocke- Cafeteria
  • Mr. Bush, Mr. Flowers, Ms. Vanderhorst, Mr. Sportel & Ms. Pratt - Gym

"Spotlight on Instruction"

Mr. Alter's 7th & 8th grade students engaged in a live demo of NBA Math Hoops with Nick Monzi the creator. NBA Math Hoops is a board game that build facility and fluency with whole number operations as they perform calculations to move the ball back and forth across the court with the intent of placing it in the hands of their high-percentage shooters. The program offers a 16-week curriculum aligned to Common Core. For additional information, please view the below video clips.

NBA Math Hoops with Nick Monzi & Khalil Fuller video clips

Teaching & Learning Through Technology

Ms. Blanchard's 6th grade Science class using Plickers to review informational text about glaciers in Wisconsin.
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Big image

Highest Attendance Rates for December

Supplemental Resources

On-line Math Challenge

  • Do you want a way to support your schools to increase their students' math confidence and knowledge? CPS is rolling out the next big CPS Connects initiative, LearnStorm. LearnStorm powered by Khan Academy, is a light-touch and free learning challenge.
  • Here’s a short description: "From January 29th through April 1st, students in grades 3–12 can master math skills on to earn rewards and recognition for themselves and their school. LearnStorm gives every student a way to succeed, no matter their level."
  • Since the challenge starts January 29th, we are encouraging teachers, parents and students to sign up now at Please support your school in getting students registered for the challenge. Schools who register students have a chance to win a swag box from Khan Academy. In addition, there will be prizes available for students and school teams throughout the challenge, including attendance at a final celebration event! Feel free to take a look at their introductory video:

"Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts"

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