Primary Update

11th May

Happy Mothers Day to all the DC Mums!

Student Led Conferences

I would like to acknowledge all Primary staff for their preparation of, and involvement in Student Led Conferences last Thursday and Friday. Our students led parents through their learning with confidence and enthusiasm. We will endeavour to create a collection of photos from the two days to provide staff with an opportunity to see each others classrooms. Please find below a snap shot of some of the SLC's in action.

Once again, well done to all!

Year One Transition

Monday night there will be a parent information evening, which begins our Year One 2015/16 transition process. The following day will be the first student day for our 2015/16 year one students, between 8:45am and 12:30pm. Everyone who will be involved in this process should be aware of their roles, if you are unsure please see Lyn or myself on Monday.

It is a very special time for these little ones and their parents, please welcome them to the to the DC community if you have the opportunity!

Year 1-3 Swimming

This week we will be changing to the new swim timetable. Please double check the new timetable for the impact on specialist session times and personal duties. For the first week, can class teachers, specialists and EAs work together to take students to and collect students from swimming sessions. After the first week, we are hoping to maintain collaborative planning and specialist times as much as possible for teachers. As a result, if swimming runs into any sessions you are responsible for teaching then please go and collect the students from the changing rooms to ensure transitions are as smooth and prompt as possible. If you have any questions or queries about the change to the new timetable, or you are finding it difficult to complete a duty because of the new timetable, then please let me know so we can arrange swaps if necessary.

Jason Boon

Assessment For Learning

In his book ‘Embedding Formative Assessment’ Dylan Wiliams identifies 50 different assessment strategies. Below are three that you often see teachers around the school using. In planning this week discuss which ones you currently use and how they impact on student learning.

1) Hands Down or No Hands Up

Tell pupils they should only raise their hand to ask a question, not to answer one. The teacher then chooses pupils to answer, therefore gaining information on whether everyone is learning. Try using – fruit machine programme on here where you can input names, save it and play it to choose pupils at random. Or write names on lollipop sticks or counters and pull out at random to answer.

2) Traffic Lights

Using the idea of traffic lights can help teachers gain quick real-time information about how students are feeling about new learning. Students can have personal fans or disks with three colours red, yellow and green to show how confident they are feeling about a challenge. They can hold these up during shared learning time or place them on their desk when working independently or in pairs. Also, when pupils finish pieces of work they can draw a small square on the page. If they do not understand the work they colour it red, if they are so-so then yellow and if confident then green.

3) Exit Card – Minute Paper

Before leaving a session on an exit card, students identify the most significant (useful, meaningful, unlikely) thing they have learnt during the lesson and write about it for a minute.

Week in Action

Professional Learning & Meetings this week...

Monday 11th May - Whole College Staff Meeting

Focus: We will be working with Maureen O'Rourke - PLT will print your class student voice for you, please bring along this evidence and be prepared to discuss.

Tuesday 12th May - 'Voluntary' -Whole College Staff Meeting

Focus: This meeting is voluntary. Any staff interested in attending are encouraged to do so. It will focus on looking at the evidence collected from a range of sources across the school and begin to discuss where to next for our school priorities.

Wednesday 13th May - Team Leaders Meeting

Focus: Reporting, 2015/16 Classes

Professional Learning & Meetings coming up...

Monday 18th - Staff Meeting

Wednesday 21st - Collaborative Planning

Cobra sport team dates...

13th May - U12 Girls - 3:00pm - 5:40pm

14th May - U12 Boys - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

14th May - U12 Girls - 3:45pm - 6:45pm

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