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Friday, April 8, 2016

Book Orders

I sent Scholastic book order forms home on Monday! This will be our LAST Scholastic book order I submit this year! We are nearing the end of the school year and I would love for you to check out some of the cool books you could have your child reading during the Summer months! Please take the time to consider this one last order! We have been reading so well in our classroom and the practice during the Summer months will only increase their fluency before beginning first grade!

Plant Life Cycles

We planted our seeds this week! We are conducting an experiment between our class and Mrs. Myers' class! Mrs. Myers has plants in the same containers and they are sitting on a ledge by the window. Unfortunately, our classroom does not have any windows, so we are sitting our plants on the ledge above our cubbies! We also have a container planted that is sitting inside our closet!
We will be labeling the plant, filling out a journal as our plants grow, and discussing as a group!

Our essential question is: Do plants need actual sunlight to grow?

Our hypothesis is: The plants in direct sunlight will grow MUCH bigger than ours!



Thank you so much for all of the book orders for our class book! We sent out our book, "When I Grow Up..." to the publisher today. The children worked really hard on their sentences and illustrations. I was very proud of them. The book will be published April 15th. We should receive it back sometime in the early weeks of May. We will definitely have it before school is out for summer. I hope you love your keepsake as much as I will!

Rainbow Wall Continues to Grow

Yellow: Malik Gutierrez, Casen Duke
Orange: Ella Clive
Blue: Deaglan Dwyer

Purple: Kathleen Gray
Pink: Hunter Emerson

2nd Grade: (correction to last week) Cheyenne Requena


Our district is dedicating an entire week to recognize the importance of college and career readiness! In our building, we will celebrate with some fun theme days!

  • Monday: Crazy Hair Day-- College kids sometimes have to get up and run to class with crazy hair!
  • Tuesday: Hat Day-- Wear a hat of a career or college that you would like to attend or do.
  • Wednesday: Career Dress-- Dress for a career that is interesting to you (overalls, uniform, suit and tie, etc.).
  • Thursday: Sweats Day-- College kids get to spend a lot of time in their comfy sweats!
  • Friday: College shirt and jeans day!

Review: Can Your Child Read This?

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ABC Video: Write the letter U - Alphabet Writing lesson for children
Phonics Letter- U song
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April Lunch Menu

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