Confucianism V.S. Taoism

similarities and differences

My opinion of a government based on Confucian principles

a government based on Confucian principles would be a good place to live in, they would have good rules and laws, they would follow the law to the point, and would probably be very respectful. It would also allow more people to start to come in to the country and more alliances between cities/nations to be made. I think that it would be a peaceful place to live and would help join the people of the world

how i think an Asian family would be influenced by Confucius' teachings

I think it would make them more respectful, not that they aren't now, but more respectful. I also think it could solve a lot of problems that asia has

are Taoists principles relevant to issues of everyday life today?

in a way, yes, because Taoists live life without expectations, they live in the here and now. But on the other hand, since they live without expectations, they dont worry about deadlines and nothing would be completed on time

How the individual principles of each philosophy connect to each other to form an entire religion or way of thinking

both principles are ethical guides made to give people a guide to proper behavior of individuals and officials, so if you combine both, it would make a guide solely made for that purpose, at least that's what i believe