Determination and Hardships

By: Ishika Katwala

I Rode A Horse Of Milk White Jade (cause and effect)

The book "I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade," by Diane Lee Wilson, shows a lot of cause and effect. Due to Oyuna's foot getting crushed, she wasn't able to walk very well. Just because the horse crushed Oyuna's foot, the villagers who lived near her found the horse and killed it. Also because of her foot getting crushed, everyone stayed away from her because it was considered bad luck. Another cause and effect is that when Oyuna made the decision to leave and act like a soldier, she was able to meet new people who excepted her. She also was able to persevere to find her horse, Bayan, and be with her during her death. Many of these caused Oyuna to go through many adversities. Her life ended in great triumph.
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Words Failed Him (chronological)

In the book "Words Failed Him" from Unstoppable, Tom Harken was illiterate. Tom dropped out of school when a teacher made fun of him for not being able to read a simple word. He stayed home and did nothing. He later got married and told his wife before they got married that he was illiterate. The next thing he did was he asked his wife for help to learn how to read. Soon, his wife agreed to teach him. They had patience and he was learning for several years, but would still falter a lot. They worked for more years and finally he spoke more fluent. Next after he learned he found his passion. He became the owner of the restaurant Casa Ole. He won the Hortatio Alger Award for being amazing at his profession. Later that same night he confessed that he had been illiterate for almost his whole life. He persevered through his life to learn english, speak eloquently, and be a successful man in the world.

A Dream Goes to Waste (problem and solution)

"A Dream Goes to Waste," from the book Unstoppable, showed many problems that Laura Beth faced. One problem she faced was that everyone she contacted about her idea rejected or ignored her. Even if they told her many times that her idea wasn't going to be popular or good or she was too young. She didn't care about what they said, and she kept trying. She sent letters to the mayor and called tons of different company's and told them what she wanted to do. Still, they gave excuses saying they needed an adult to speak tot them to be able to consider it. Again, Laura Beth kept sending them her ideas and calling them and finally the mayor agreed. They set it up and put many things to encourage people to recycle and her idea has become a success. Just because Laura Beth persevered she was able to fulfill her dream.

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In Every Daydream Is a Hollywood Script (descriptive)

For many years Stephen Cannell struggled in school. Teachers blamed him for his "terrible and weak" eyesight. Stephen Cannell on the other hand knew that it wasn't the problem, since he had perfect vision. Stephen transferred to billions of schools, getting kicked out for his poor work. 35 long years later, Stephen discovered that he had dyslexia. It wasn't exactly easy for him to have this and be teased and bullied by other kids for how he worked in his classes. His dream though, was to be extremely rich and famous, which others thought was impossible for Stephen. Finally one day Stephen realized that his passion was writing. Writing would be the only way he would have those sunny, fun, bright, and positive days again. Stephen Cannell took writing to a next level and tried and tried and is a very successful human today. He has made many known movies till this day and never stops writing scripts. His latest movie was 22 Jump Street, which was made just last year. His life has become a more encouraging and happy place for him unlike his younger, childhood days.