All equal, above what wasn't

Why we created this utopia.

In the intervening times, people started to overpopulate the world causing lots of pollution. The pollution started a plague called the Black death 2.0. It wiped out all of the world but the few people who acted. Their actions saved humanity by building a civilization in the trees. These trees are the core of the society. These trees called Taeta trees they are high in the sky so that the pollution and plague can not affect them and they grow in pollution. Now in South Africa, 4182 in the tree tops we have a fully developed society.

List of Laws

  • You must hold two fingers up (you're middle finger and pointing finger) every time you greet an Elder to salute them.
  • When you get married the husband moves in with the wife.
  • If two specials marry each other all of their kids will be trained to be specials. If one of the parents is a special the oldest generation of elders selects which children become specials.
  • You must attend *Ledger each week to get your dosage of Chronophopicnia (CPN).

*Ledger: is a place where they give you a shot to prevent poising from the tree

A punishment:

If you take more than the weekly amount of food per dwelling you will be banned from eating that specific type of food for 2 weeks. Your weekly amount of food per dwelling is 30 Taetafruits, 15 fish, and 7L of milk.

If you don't clean the person's house you are assigned too. You have to clean your house for a week, the persons you didn't dos.

If you attempet murder, murder someone or hurt them on purpse your treehouse will be cut off in the night and you will fall in to a forgetting pit. Wich erases evreybodys memories of you. You will be forgotten.


Flamingo= Official bird

Yellow= The first outfit's colour they wore in the society

Tree= Core of the society

2 Fingers= To salute the elders