Adapting In the Sahara

the ways people adapt to the tough conditions of the desert

Trucks Instead of Camels

The people of the Sahara have started to use trucks instead of camels to get around in the desert. These trucks are more realistic than camels because they get around faster. They have to be built specially for the tough desert conditions. These desert trucks are much different than regular trucks.

The Tuareg

The Tuareg are a group of 1-1.5 million people who live in the desert. They wander with their herds of animals wearing blue robes to keep cool. They use the stars as their guide of direction. This group of people has learned some of the best ways of adapting to the desert.


Oases are used for many things in the Sahara. People get their drinking water from these bodies of water, but they are also used for other things. People find work at these and trade different materials. It is like meeting place for the people of the desert. The oases are also used to water plants by water being pumped underground.