Wellness Challenge

Week 3: Emotional Wellness

Welcome to Week Three!

Week three is focused on Emotional Wellness - The emotional dimension of wellness involves developing awareness and acceptance of one's feelings. Emotional wellness is not an end stage but a continual process of change and growth. Emotional wellness enables one to maintain satisfying relationships, deal with conflict and remain grounded during stressful times.

Some practices that enhance emotional wellness include:

  • Recognizing conflict as potentially healthy
  • Becoming more aware of your feelings through reflection, journaling or other practices
  • Accepting your feelings and the feelings of others
  • Seeking support and guidance when feelings and emotions seem to be getting out of control
  • Building a strong social support network
  • Being open to continual personal development

#SUWellnessChallenge Updates

New event for this week -- see below!

For more info. about a guided meditation...

The Top 10

Announcing the 10 participants with the most points thus far:

  1. Alexus Song, Team: Waist Management
  2. Evinn Hickey, Team: Albers Excels
  3. Rosie Sabaric, Team: #awesome
  4. Rachel Betron, Team: Hello from the EXERCIIIIIISE
  5. Karen Smaalders, Team: JesuFit
  6. Ilona Legesse, Team: Albers Excels
  7. Jamie Huo, Team: Waist Management
  8. Christin Everson, Team: Fit Pros
  9. Nayland Olsen, Team: Set Fire To The Glutes
  10. Amanda Beyke, Team: Waist Management

The 1st Prize Reveal!

Wondering what kinds of prizes you've been working for? Here is the 1st prize reveal:

Did you know? SeattleU students, faculty, and staff now have access to massage therapy on campus provided by Dreamclinic. We will be giving a few lucky Wellness Challenge participants gift certificates for a free massage! To see more information and/or schedule a massage online, visit http://www.seattleu.edu/wellness/massage/ .

--Week Three Events --

HAWC Leads a Guided Meditation

STCN 380

Monday (Jan 25)


Thursday (Jan 28)


We are halfway through the challenge! Take some time to reflect and re-energize with a HAWC-guided meditation. There are two opportunities to attend, and we encourage you to bring a teammate!

Happy Lamp Hour

All Week 3 (Mon. 1/25 -Fri. 1/29)

Choose the day(s) that work for you!


NOW IN STCN 380 (Wellness & Health Promotion)

Now that we have officially entered winter quarter and the days are dreary. Brighten up your day with HAWC (Health and Wellness Crew) and come to the Bistro from 2-4pm for Happy Hour this week! There will be happy lamps positioned at tables throughout the Bistro to help brighten your mood.

Art Faculty Exhibition

Monday - Friday (Jan. 25-29)


Kinsey Gallery

(ADAL - Admissions & Alumni Building lobby)

Exhibition open until April 15, 2016 - visit this week for points!

Take some time to de-stress and appreciate an exhibition of recent work showcasing the artistic diversity found within the Visual Arts programs. More info here.

Take a Mental Health Screening

Week 3 (Jan. 25 - Feb. 1)

Anytime - Online

Take the opportunity to fill out a brief informational mental health screening. The screening will take 4 to 5 minutes to complete. Read more about the screenings by clicking the button below:

Stress Number assessment for Staff

Note: The Log In to access the program is "Seattle University", click on "Stress Center" on the main menu, click on "Stress Number", register or log in and take the assessment!

Feed Your Brain

Watch this TED talk (link below) that discusses the importance of “emotional hygiene” in comparison to the physical. Shout out to Dani, fellow Wellness Challenge participant, for the suggestion!

Want to plan ahead for more events?

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