By:the one and only Eric!!!!:D


Hey kids! Are you looking for something beyond normal?! Well we have spent 20 min coming up with EXTRA!!!!!!!! It's new and fresh and makes you the coolest kid down the street!!! It comes in any color of your desire! Don't you want the most extraordinary thing ever???

How it works??😳😁😛😀😄😄😔😘😘😎👍👌👊🙏

This amazing product works when something is boring by making it awesome! For example, say you have a boring refrigerator, extra turns it into a refrigerator with cats and chocolate! I mean who doesn't like cats and chocolate that all equals awesome! Another is when, let's say, you have a lousy piece of bacon, extra turns that lousy piece of bacon into a freaking bacon pie. Yummmm that makes me gluttonous!!!!!
Pimp My Horse

Story time!!!

Once upon a day there was a guy named Mr guy. Mr guy was always tired of seeing normal things. So he tried to figure out a way to make it beyond normal. After 2 mins of very long thinking, he came up with an idea! But at that time there was only sticks, so he would have to..... let's say wait 5555555555 years later before someone could make it.