Gay Lussac


Gun shots: How does it work?

When shooting off the gun the gun powder burns creating a super heated gas.The super heated gas then builds pressure up behind the bullet forcing it out of the barrel.

The equation


The Gay-Lussac law was brought up in 1808 when Joseph noted it was the greatest achievement he had. His experiments that he preformed led up the discovering the law by figuring at when temperature and pressure are kept constant then produce an equal amount.

How is it being used?

Guns demonstrate the Gay-Lussac law through temperature and pressure. In a gun there is gunpowder, contained in that is 75% of KNO3 (potassium nitrate), 15% of C (charcoal), and 10% of S (sulfur). The KNO3 decomposes at a high temperature (T) that provides oxygen for the reaction. The mixture must be made correctly to make the reaction occur. From that mixture when in the gun burns at a high amount of heat then developing an extreme amount of pressure behind the bullet. From that force it exerts the pressure by shooting out the bullet putting a second wave of heat and pressure.