Welcome To The Mexican Camp

By: Gianna Charles

Meet Me- Nos vemos

Hello, my name is Esperanza. I live in the Mexican Camp. And I know what you are thinking, a camp that can't be much fun. But there are many different ways that the camp is fun in it's own way.

Hola, mi llamo Esperanza. Yo vivir en el campo Mexicano. Y yo se lo que estas pensando, un campo que no puede ser muy divertido. Pero hay muchas maneras que el campamento es diversion en su propia manera.

Picked Fruits


*picked during fall or spring


*picked during summer


*picked during summer and fall


*picked during summer


*picked during spring

Beginning a Strike

Steps of Changing a Baby Diaper

Step #1: You have to take to diaper off of the baby

Step #2: Rinse the diaper in a sink or bathtub

Step #3: Leave the diaper somewhere to dry

Step #4: Reuse it

Things You Need To Bring To Work

Steps for Sweeping

Step #1: When you are sweeping you have to make sure that you hold the broom with one hand in the middle and one hand at the top of the broom.

Step #2: For the broom to actually be helpful you have to move the broomstick back and forth in the same motion.

Step #3: Sweep whatever it is that you are sweeping in one place and grab something like a pan or something to clean it up.

Foods Eaten Daily and There Recipes

Why I Choose The Background

I choose this background because when Esperanza was watching the babies she had to cook for them and she cooked daily.