Soccer Team


Asch (Line Experiment)

one time during soccer practice we were learning a new formation for an upcoming tournament and my coach was asking us if we understood the concept and most of us didn’t but instead of admitting it we would wait for the coach to say the answer and then we would just mimic what he said. When we got to the game that weekend it was clear that none of us had a clue as to what we were doing and we lost big time and were punished not for losing but for lying if we would have said we didn’t understand he would have changed it

Zimbardo (Prison Experiment)

we often have to trade positions in soccer to get in insight of how the other team is thinking and how others play the field. And when the defenders get to play offence they become just like an offence player and start behaving like one and get cocky and arrogant while the newly defenders became aggressive and started pushing and very physical and these practice wouldn’t last long because my team mates would get to into it and almost hurt one another.


Milgram (Obedience Experiment)

we have student run conditioning, and when there is no adult to watch us majority of the team will just jog instead of run to make themselves better and help the team in the long run. But when the coach would come on Friday everyone would try harder and attempt to show the coach who was the best when it was clear that the ones who had been running all along were in better conditioning. When someone was watching them they ran faster and worked harder but when no one was around they would slack off. This experiment could also be worked into soccer as a blind penalty shot. Where the players took turns kicking a ball at a wall and were instructed to kick it harder and harder at the person standing by the wall


when we play as a team, my team acts as one if one person is having a bad day so is the rest of the team we work together and we all start to think as one. We don’t get like this until about half way through the season but when we do it’s a great thing and we start winning games


our coach is our captain and we listen to everything he says even if he is wrong we have nothing but respect for our coach he shares his life just as if he was another team member and that is a great way to earn respect


as a team we are pretty for a group of teenage boys, normally because the person what have to listen to controls the outcome of the game the referees. That doesn’t mean that we agree with the call it just means that we listen to it just for the sake of the game

Fundamental attribution error

the crowd would be a example of this people tend to interoperate things the wrong way when they see a bad call and tend to over react and overestimate what had really happened on the field

Self-serving bias

when we are wining everything is positive and good job this and good job that but when we start to lose things become negative and even the good things seem bad it seems like all people want is more

Group think

as a team we spend so much time together we end up thinking like each other and do things that are important to the group such as brining extra food and snacks to a game to brining extra cleats for the kid who forgets there’s

Group polarization

the team has come over many obstacles of the last season and we did it by talking it out as a group and finding common grounds for everyone to talk on and change people’s attitude toward the game