The Truth of Andrew Jackson

The ninja of democracy

Andrew Jackson The man of the People

Andrew Jackson was beloved by everyone by giving more to the common and less to the rich. He the majority of his supporters were the common which gave him a key role in getting presidency. Andrew Jackson took down the national bank which he thought that it gave more to the rich

The rule breaker

There was something wrong with Jackson after he kept breaking the constitution, the Supreme court ruled that the bank of the U.S was constitutional but Jackson went on to take out all the federal money and starve the bank

The other side to Jackson

The Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson in it for the money

tension between the Cherokees and the u.s raised even after the Cherokees became civilized in a attempt to keep their land. Why did this happen? Gold, Gold was found on Cherokee territory which made Jackson want their land even more. Jackson and with the help of a native american who wanted his people to head west sinned a treaty that would make all of the Cherokees travel west into the west territories. 4,000 native-Americans died on the Trail Of Tears. Jackson had what he wanted.

Andrew Jackson is for democracy

Sadly Andrew Jackson gave to the common people and got rid of the rich, if that's not democracy then i don't know what democracy is. Even though he made some VERY questionable decisions in his life it all leaded to helping the common even if it made 4,000 people die. in the end he made america more powerful but at the expense of others. He helped people and the people rewarded him with two terms. If Jackson nowadays kicked 20,000 Indians off their land there would be serious backlash. Jackson got rid of big cooperate monopoly's. Jackson did on the other hand make the south dislike the north more but if that didn't happen we might still have slaves. In the end Jackson was good to the people, but mean to the Indians like most people during that time. Im pretty sure more presidents have been worse so im going to say he was good.