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GoogleGeist and Patterns

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To observe patterns in real life and predict what will come next in that pattern based on historical data.


We all use Google everyday to look up information that we want to know RIGHT NOW! Have you ever wondered what other people look for on Google?

Your job is to:

  • Review the Google top 10 video playlist
  • Choose a category that your team is interested in
  • Review the top searches in that category for the years 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Fill out the online form based on those lists and predict the Top 10 for your peers this year
  • Survey 4 students every hour for their Top Googled item in your chosen category
  • Calculate the data
  • Create a video that contains and explains your results for the top 10 most Googled terms in your category for your peers.


  1. Watch the YouTube Playlist of Zeitgeist for 2011, 2012 and 2013

Click here to view playlist

2. Click on the link to the Google 10 Top list for 2011 and choose a category that you’re

interested in. Record the top 10 searches for your category on the GoogleGeist Category

Document. Using the same category, record the top 10 searches for 2012 and 2013.

GoogleGeist Category Document

Be sure to make a copy!

Google Top 10 List - 2013

Scroll down to view the categories!

3. Predict the top 10 searches in your category for your peers

4. Survey your peers (each person in your group surveys 4 people per hour; all 8 hours)

5. Calculate the data (use this form)

6. Create a short video listing and explaining your the results of the top 10 choices for your peers