Sophia Sanders

A Colonial Woman

A little about me

Good Morrow, my name is Sophia Sanders. I am a colonial woman. I live in Virginia. We live on a beautiful farm. Also, I live with my husband Eli Sanders and my two children Chiara and Aryan Sanders. I have almost no time to myself. I am 25 .Today is Sunday. I am going to church, also called the meeting house. I have a friend , Mikaela Waters and she is a limner and she makes paintings for my home when she comes over. Although I have lots of housework and I still have time to see her.

I am a colonial women and these are things I do daily. I do lots of housework such as cooking in the fireplace, growing crops, and raising crops. Although I work at home all the men get the attention. Most of the colonists believed that men were more stronger and smarter than women. They believed that the role of woman was that they mostly had to do housework and the men had to clear the lands. I make candles too! I also sew, clean and cook. Making candles are very difficult the steps are very difficult to do.

The materials needed to make candles may include things such as, chopped wax, any color, cotton twine. The tools needed to make the candles are 46 ounce juice can, pan of water, cutting board, sharp knife, and scissors. They are very hard to make. Sewing is very hard to do too, although it takes a short amount of time. When you Sew you have to make sure you have the right materials. The following materials are, a sewing needle, cloth or leather. Cleaning can be very difficult. I am expected for the house to be clean by the end of the day.


Baking Tools in My House

1) Utencils such as spoons, cooking spoons, and more

2)Farming tools

3) cooking ingrediants