The H and H cow Barnyard!

Mkaing cows and health inspector run away since 2013!!

H and H cow barnyard

We're located out in the barn. Your going to make a right on barnyard road and follow the red trail down the road! you'll hear everyone screaming with joy!

Come vist us!

When you bring your kid or kids they'll get to stuff a cow in our build a cow workshop free for that night only!!!

Hours 7am- closing

7am is the early bird special!!

we serve everything you could of ever wanted

Plans for the H and H barnyard

From 10-12 We'll have bessy the cow visting you can let your kids ride, and pet bessy.

1-closing is make a cow! you can stuff and decorate your own cow to take home and cherish forever!

we server everything hamburger, steaks ribs, if you ask for it we've got it!!