Photshop Lessons Before and After

By Kristen Lason

Why this topic was chosen

I chose this topic because I am the only person in my family that is good with technology, except for my dad, but i am the only one that is always around to be a help. I am good with a lot of programs but Photoshop was one of the few programs that I don't know much about. By finding out new techniques and actually attempting them, I have grown in my knowledge of Photoshop and can be more of a help around the house.

Why this topic is important to study

This is important because we barely went over the Photoshop tools and I wanted to learn more about it. I found out some new tools that I didn't know about and found some easy tricks to make photos and text look better. Now with my Photoshop knowledge now learned I can be more skilled in Photoshop.

Gloss Effect

Steps to Complete Gloss Effect

To start out, create a new project. You want just a white blank slate. Next you double click on the background layer and click okay, You will then right click on the background layer again and click on blending options. Check the gradient overlay box and click on the tab. You will click on the gradient box and pick the two colors of the color stops. Once you do that exit out of this box. Now you will insert text onto the slate. You will want to center that text on the background as close as possible. Next you will change the color of the text. (If you need help changing color, just ask me.) Now you will create a new layer. Right click it and select clipping mask. Next select the elliptical marquee tool. You will create a oval over the top of the letters. Change your foreground color to white and click the paint bucket. You will click right above the first letter to make the text selected in the oval white. Now you will change the opacity of the new layer to around 15%. Click select, deselect and this should give the letters a nice gloss effect.

Color Replacement



Steps to Complete Color Replacement Trick

To start out, open a photo onto the Photoshop work area. Now you will click on the paintbrush and change it to the color replacement brush. Make sure the mode is set to color and not to anything else. Also make sure the limits section is set to contiguous. There are three options in color replacement. You can either use sampling continuously, sampling once, and sampling background swatch. I recommend sampling continuously but all of them are good. Sampling continuously allows you to replace the color of anything but you have to be careful and stay in the area you want color or else it will get in your background d or other pieces in the photo. It also allows you to click and unclick then click again and it will allow you to still replace the color. Sampling once allows you to replace the color anywhere but only with one click. If you release your touch before your down then it will be really messed up. Lastly sampling background swatch lets you click on a certain color in the photo and the brush will only color that part. This can be good but it doesn’t always get all of the color if there is shadow.

Skull Face



Steps to Complete a Skull Face

To start out, open a photo of a face and a different photo of a skull. Next you will create a copy of the face. Now go to the picture of the skull and select the magic brush tool. For the next step you need to male sure the picture is unlocked. To do that you will right click on the lock button to the side. You will then click on layer from background and title this whatever you would like to. You will click on the background and so it highlights the background only. Click on the control button and press backspace to delete the background of the photo. Now drag the skull over to the photo of whatever face you chose. This will create a new layer in the photo. Now make sure the skull is lined up where it looks about the same size as the face. Now move the background copy on top of the layer of the skull. Click on the eraser tool and make sure it is just set to the eraser. Now you will erase the face until You see the skull all over. You can click on control to add the original face back. This will give your person a skull face.

How this will help my future self

This will help me by allowing me to be able to edit photos. and text more efficiently and more effectively in projects for school or just for life. By working on an actual project with these new skills, this allowed me to remember how to do this and how once you learn how to do it, it is a simple skill learned.