Notes From The Coach

Academic Vocabulary for the Common Core

Vocabulary's Code! ~ The Core Six

"Vocabulary's CODE is a strategic approach to direct vocabulary instruction that helps students master crucial concepts and retain new vocabulary terms. Students work their way from initial exposure to in-depth understanding through a series of progressive learning activities, which help students 'crack' Vocabulary's CODE." (Silver, Dewing, Perini, p. 65)

Vocabulary is a foundation for improved literacy.

Half of the Common Core Achor Standards for Language are vocabulary standards. Vocabulary is found in every area of literacy and is a foundational skill.
2. Academic vocabulary is at the core of the Core.

Academic and domain-specific vocabulary are words that students are expected to understand and use to meet Common Core State Standards for Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.
3. Vocabulary fuels learning.

Direct vocabulary instruction increases students' ability to comprehend and retain what we are teaching today while preparing students to be better learners in the future.

6 Step Process for Vocabulary Instruction

Step 1:
Provide a Description, Explanation, or Example of the New Term

Step 2:
Ask Students to Restate the Description, Explanation, or Example in Their Own Words

Step 3:
Ask Students to Construct a Picture, Symbol, or Graphic Representing the Term or Phrase

Step 4:
Engage Students Periodically in Activities That Help Them Add to Their Knowledge of the Terms in Their Vocabulary Notebooks

Step 5:
Periodically Ask Students to Discuss the Terms With One Another

Step 6: Games