NCASC Newsletter

January 2021 - Issue Three


Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

I hope your start of 2021 is going well! This newsletter is going to consist of a Mental Health Moment, a reminder of the Emerging Leaders Conference, and a preview of the State convention in March.

I hope you all enjoy this newsletter as much as the last two!

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Mental Health Moment

Mental health is an issue that many people in America face. To be specific, 7 in 10 teens in the United States struggle with their mental health, according to 4-H. This statistic shows that you are not alone, and there are resources available to you if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Below are some more resources for you or anyone you know who may be struggling right now.

Healthline Article with some Resources and Information

Resource from MHIT

An Essay from WebMD about Finding a Therapist

Emerging Leaders Conference

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 9am-1pm

This is an online event.

The Emerging Leaders Virtual Conference is geared towards students in grades 6 - 9 and their advisors. Wakefield Middle School's Student Council Leaders are hosting this conference. The theme is, "Head, Heart, and Soul of Leadership 2.0."

The agenda is uploaded below! This event is FREE OF CHARGE! All you have to do is register to attend by January 22nd!

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Emerging Leaders Conference Link

This is the link to the Emerging Leaders page on the NCASC Website. Registration deadline is January 22nd.

Registration Page for Emerging Leaders Conference

This is the registration link! Please remember that if you register, you are expected to attend!

Preview of the State Convention

On March 12-13, Piedmont High School will host the North Carolina Association of Student Councils' State Convention. The premiere event of the year for NCASC, the convention's powerfully engaging speakers, and informative skillshops ensure there is something for everybody. All of this is just for a $10.00 registration fee.

Our theme is Leadership 2.0. This theme embodies how leaders adapt to modern challenges. The traits of empathy, collaboration, and versatility are the skills that leaders must learn and apply to adapt with their environment.

New officer schools will be elected, over the course of the event, with those elections being facilitated by Jack Britt High School. Be sure to join us on March 12-13 for an electric leadership experience!

More information will be posted in the coming weeks, along with the registration link!

Luke Noonan

NCASC President

Piedmont High School

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