Ms. Martinez's Monthly Update!


Welcome to the month of March 2014!

Hello Parents! This Month students will be learning a lot of new interesting material. We will touch a bit on Language Arts, Science, and most importantly Learning our one digit Numbers! If there is any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me! My email is

Learning our 0-9 Numbers!

1,2,3 Learning our Numbers!

This month our main focus will be going over one-digit numbers (0-9). My goal is for every child to be successful in recognizing these numbers and for them to be bale to distinguish the value of each.

Our activity will consist of flash cards and colored blocks. Each child will have a flashcard with a number. Then, they will grab the blocks, and layout out the amount of blocks according to the number on their flashcard.

(V.A.9. Child recognizes one-digit numerals, 0-9)

10 Little Numbers

Video Fun!

As class, we will also be viewing fun videos for the students to engage in the learning process. This video is very catchy and it will grasp the students attention, having them pay close attention to each number!


Students will be going over letters throughout the whole month. I will read a small book to them every morning and choose a certain letter everyday to point at when reading the book.

We will also be looking at ABC books in order to review each letter a bit more clear.

Open House!

Please do not forget to join us at our Open House on March 11th at 6:30 PM! We will have small snacks and water for everyone to enjoy!

Counting, counting & More Counting!

As well as learning our first numbers, we will also start to look at shapes and different lines. The students will be seeing objects around the room each day in order to expand their mathematical knowledge.
During computer time, students will be able to play a fun matching game to learn their shapes a bit more!

Museum Trip!

Tuesday, March 25th, 7:45am

1500 Binz St

Houston, TX

We will be taking our Museum trip on March 25th to the Children's Museum! We are so excited to see fun and interesting findings along the way! Please make sure your child has a sack lunch that they, and they can wear our navy blue school t-shirt!