by:Rosemarie Harper

dog breeds

Dogs can all different types of breeds. Cross breeds, you might have heard of, are a mix of two different breeds. There are also full breeds, witch are cute, but often cost a lot of money. Pugs are popular because the appear to have a smashed in face. A well recognized dog is the Husky. It has very long, thick fur, and are often used in dog-sledding. Another well recognized dog is the German Shepherd. They are known as "police dogs". With there strong sense of smell, they are helpful with finding bombs. One last pretty recognized dog is the Dalmatian. They also have a very helpful nose, only used for something else. They work with firefighters.

where to buy a dog

They have pet shops all over the U.S. Some pretty famous ones are PET CO. and PET SMART. You can also buy your furry friend on the internet. Just Google dogs. They might also have dogs up for adoption in your neighborhood!

supper cute and friendly!

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