All About Heart

A Warrior's journey to compassion and courage

The Warrior's Heart is a autobiographical book by Eric Greitens. He is a Navy SEAL and author. His book The Warriors Heart has various locals due to his stories about his life but overall, the setting feels like a personal conversation with him in a living room. Eric Greitens is an average looking man, not too big and not too small...when you look at him you don't get intimated. Eric is also a smart guy, he grew up in humble beginnings, earned a scholarship to Duke University and later on to Oxford University. He also did humanitarian work in China, Bosnia, and Rwanda. He always enjoyed helping other people. It was his time in England after he received his Rhodes Scholar that he decided to join the Navy and decided he wanted to become a SEAL. Eric's personality is of adventure, travel, trying to make a difference in whatever small way that he can. It was when Eric came back from his last tour from Iraq that his next mission was to help wounded warriors. He focuses on changing one life at a time. Eric said that courage and compassion are two sides of the same coin. Every warrior, every humanitarian, every person no matter how old is built to live with both. He challenges you in the choices you make, what those choices make you and the consequences associated with your decisions.

While finishing up at Oxford and being offered many lucrative job offers, Eric looked back on all he has done in his humanitarian work and came to a realization that "it took people with courage to protect those in need of protection. I could keep talking or start living my beliefs." While during Officer Candidate School, Eric had an epiphany that the reason the military tears you down is so you can become the leader you were suppose to be. He thought the military would make you a leader with physical tests, or through hard classroom learning and precision military maneuvers. They make you leaders with genuine help of your classmates. They recognize a weaker soldier and its your job to help that person succeed. Eric continues to help and protect those in need. When he came back from his last tour from Iraq, he set up a foundation to help wounded warriors. He continues to serve others.

Eric has really travel the world. He grew up in Missouri went to college at Duke University and graduate work at Oxford University. He did numerous humanitarian projects from China, Bosnia, and Rwanda. All of those places and events shaped who he is now. Today Eric Greitens continues to serve. He encourages young adults to join volunteer services to serve people. Every time you serve you will learn something new about yourself and the world.

Connor Sheehan

I am a 7th grader at Wilson Middle School. I enjoy football, soccer, basketball, water sports and snow sports.