The Roar By: Emma Clayton

Summer Reading Project by: Macie Mosley


Three items Mika would take on vacation

One thing that Mika would carry with him on vacation would be Ellie's holopic of mountain lions.

Text evidence pg. 224

"They had three false starts leaving for the trip... Mika had forgotten Ellie's holopic of the mountain lions, and even though they'd struggled up the stairs and had nearly reached the roof, he insisted on going back for it. "

Another thing Mika would take with him would be his companion, Lillian.

Text evidence pg. 195

"The new generation companions only work for their owner. They're the nearest thing to a human servant. Anything you want to know, she'll find it for you.

The last item he would bring with him on a vacation would be his plague suit just in case something happened.

Text Evidence pg. 191

"We need to get you a new plague suit too. Yours will be useless, the amount you've grown recently...They're designed to protect you against saliva,"