Reading Autobiography

Ellyn Elder

My Reading Journey

My reading journey starts with my parents. They instilled in me that reading is a very important part of success, so I started learning how to read at a very young age. And I fell in love with reading. Reading became a huge part of my life as I grew up. I have always loved reading fiction, and when I was in school, there were many times that I was ahead of my classmates and just sitting waiting. As I was growing up, I spend time reading young adult fiction, most of it going over my head because I was reading above my grade level. However, I loved diving into new worlds and discovering new characters. Today, I still love to read.

My Book Rules

When I go to the library, I can spend hours searching the shelves. However, I break the one rule that people always say. I judge books by their covers. My first step in choosing a book is to look at the cover. If it looks interesting and appeal, then I move on to read the inside book cover, and only then will I get the book. One of my cardinal rules of reading, is that I have to finish what I start. I have learned through reading that sometimes you have to read until the end to fully understand the rest of the book.

Me As A Reader Today

Over the years I have started to read less frequently. Time to just sit and read is hard to find, so when I do find the time, I really enjoy it.