Maximilian 1

Holy Roman Emperor

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Background Information

Maximilian the first was born in 1459 in Has-burg. He was the son of emperor Fredrick the third and Eleneor from Portugal. He Married Mary from Burgundy in 1477. He had 1 child with his second wife Marie Sofraza because his first wife died in 1482

Maximilian's Achievements

Maximilian's first wife brought the low countries of France and Burgundy under control.He also took the throne after his father died in 1493. Later on he Signed the treaty of Senlis which surrendered Burgundy and Picardy in exchange for the Netherlands. He also signed the treaty of Basel which granted independence to Swiss confederation.

Impact On Today

Maximilian's Son, Maximilian 2 started to let workers practice their religion in peace. He also made a ban on private warfare.

Interseting facts

-His first wife died in 1482

-He married Marie Sforza after he took throne

-He ruled Holy Roman Empire and Spanish Empire at the same time

-His first wife's father defatted French Forces at Guinette



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