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2016 Issue #1

VIA hosts a group of Japanese high school students and educators!

VIA kicked off 2016 by hosting a group of passionate high school students and educators from Japan led by an inspirational educational non-profit organization called Katariba (NPOカタリバ). The ten high school students participating were winners of the MyProject Award, a youth action project initiative designed and implemented by Katariba. These high school students lead projects in their communities to address various social issues. One of them uses his film-making skills to document traditional crafting skills of local craftsmen in his town. He also used his skills during his stay here to record his experience daily. Below is an example from the day when they visited Stanford. You can read more about the group's visit and student voices from the VIA blog from here.
Classic Hamburger in Stanford

Bono Visits Myanmar Post

The lead singer from U2, Bono, visited our post at Inle Lake in Myanmar with his family. They enjoyed the quiet tranquillity of the lake, great food, and learned how our partner, Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Center, in working to ensure that tourism is sustainable and benefits the community. He's pictured here with Iris, a first year fellow, and the school and hotel staff, just before he was saved from falling into the lake when the railing broke.
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From the VIA Blog: The Enduring Power of Cultural Exchange

By Patrick Arnold, Senior Asia Programs Director

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Madura, an island just off the coast of Java. We were there to meet with applicants for a State Department sponsored leadership program for American and Indonesian high school students and educators. One of the applicants for the adult chaperone was able to write down the names of the five VIA teachers who started teaching her in 1982 at age 10.

Since then, she’s gone on to get her PhD and do impressive work in her community. When I asked her what the impact of having a VIA teacher was, her student interrupted her to explain that the impact had extended down an entire generation.

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