IMLEA Monday Minute

May 21, 2018

20 (21) Questions to Reflect on Your Teaching This Year So Next Year is Even Better!

Many of our member schools wrap things up this week. Lately, much attention has been focused to giving students time to reflect on their learning; what about teachers? Here are some sample questions courtesy of Terry Heick and TeachThought.

We will have two more editions of the Monday Minute for this school year: one next week (that might become a Tuesday Tribune), and a final one the week of June 4. The last edition will focus primarily on summer learning opportunities and conference news, and will be updated throughout the summer.


Conference information can be found on our special site, or linked on the IMLEA website. You may also register now or reserve hotel rooms at our special conference rate. The keynote with Ben Glenn will be on Sunday, September 16, with six different sessions on Monday the 17th.

You can register a team now, list the same name five times, and later notifiy us exactly who is coming.

Riverside Intermediate, Sunman-Dearborn Middle Celebrate Schools to Watch Designations

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Riverside Intermediate in Plymouth had an awards bonanza! Pictured above: the banner noting their second STW redesignation; Principal Jeni Hirschy with the trophy for the school in Marshal County that raised the most money for the United Way; Fan "Ray" Xinlang, who beat out 19 older students to win the county spelling bee; and the banner for being an Indiana DOE STEM school.
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Sunman-Dearborn Middle School in St. Leon received their first designation as a STW. Some of their successful programs include a school-wide community service day; partnerships with fifteen local businesses, leading to their Trojans Career Program, which includes students visiting a workplace; a "reality check" for eighth grade; extended school hours three days per week, where students can get extra help; flexible scheduling options for all students.

Target Youth Soccer Grants Available

Schools are eligible to apply for grants of $1000 to support youth soccer, defined as ages 5-18. There are some additional parameters detailed on the site; if your school is not eligible, it's possible an organization in your community would be. Proposals are due June 30.

Great Service Project: Individual Kindness Grants

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Mechanicsville Elementary in Virginia has a kindness project; students propose what they would do to promote kindness if they were to receive $10. At first this was by application, but later due to a grant, all students were able to participate! In May, they have a Kindness Share Fair; you can see a thorough explanation in this blog post by Tamara Letter, who gave permission to use the photo above.
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