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November 17, 2015

This Week's Barista: Joshua Nelson

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Gizmodo blog contributor Chris Mills posted this a few months back, and it led me to this extensive and very interesting study from Ofcom (the UK's FCC). The entire study is lengthy - almost 500 pages, but you can download different sections or just the charts, and scanning the entire study and pausing to examine interesting bits of data is also a fun thing to do on your tablet device when you are not really invested in the TV show you are watching! Woah, that got real close to home for some of us, didn't it?

Yes, it is not the United States, but there are plenty of studies available from the Pew Research Center regarding internet and technology use here in America. All of these studies point out trends amongst age groups and technology use.

These studies are interesting to me as they highlight that no matter your age, we all value technology (but some devices more than others). When you become frustrated with someone who is over involved in a device (a phone?), compare their devotion of that device to your devotion of another device (a computer/laptop? or a TV?).

Rick Wormeli: Introduction to Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom
There have been a lot of discussions concerning grades on both campuses, so I thought I would trot out some great videos about alternate grading practices in which Rick Wormeli tackles grades head on in this series of videos on YouTube. I always liked to listen to these Rick Wormeli videos while grading or planning for classes.

There are a lot of other great education writers on YouTube as well and I found that following the Rick Wormeli "related videos" strand on YouTube to be a great way to discover interesting viewpoints on grading and grades.

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