beginner basketball lessons

My how to story

Swish! Swoosh! Wham! The basketball is going right in the hoop! They were at the half court line with 5 seconds left on the clock and then the point guard went for the shot. Does this sound exciting to you? Do you want to learn to shoot a hoop.

What you need is a basketball, arms, eyes, face, and a basketball hoop. First, pick up a basketball. The basketball needs to have air in it. The basketball needs to be light enough for you to be able to throw it high enough and far enough.

Then, if you are right handed then put your right hand on the bottom of the basketball and put your left hand on the left side of the basketball. But if you are left handed then just do it the other way around.

Next, you need to look up at the hoop so you can find out where to aim. To aim you need to point the basketball at the hoop and act like you are throwing the basketball.

Finally you lower your arms and throw the basketball at the hoop.

Guaranteed to be active and fun