Butler Tech Career Initiatives

February 2016 Newsletter

4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career

A few Articles to Share

The below articles might be helpful for students to read individually, as a group, or as a class. The articles explain where our labor market is today and how important it is that high school students should not wait to plan for their futures.

Career Planning for High Schoolers

This article could be used within an activity in a high school 101 course, career class, or perhaps a social studies class. Although this article is long, it has a great amount of valuable information that teens need to learn before graduating.

Collaboration Field Trips to Promote Manufacturing Jobs

This article would be helpful to share with pre-engineering teachers, technology teachers, counselors, etc. This article explains the importance of bringing students to manufacturing companies in the community for hand's on experiences in this fast growing job sector.

Getting "SuperBetter" at Building One's Career

This article would be helpful to share with counselors or anyone else who aids in career counseling. It might give you some ideas on a conversation that catches a student's interest with the goal of easing anxiety and helping promote career maturity.

Something To Consider

Career or social studies teachers, with the primary election coming up, try this lesson!

Vote for Me

Key Topics:

Career Information

Community Involvement

Decision Making/Goal Setting



· Civic Ideals and Practices

· Power, Authority, and Governance


For this activity, students compare the work experiences of elected candidates.

· Ask students to compare presidential candidates. Have them research their educational and work background.

· Have students do the same with candidates running for local office.

· Discuss the candidates’ backgrounds and qualifications in class.

· Have students pretend they are running for the local School Board. Ask them to write position papers describing the characteristics and experience they have which qualify them for the position, as well as topics and issues.

· Role play by having three or four students debate to defend their positions. After the debate, have the class vote to see who should win the election. Repeat the process until all students have participated in the debate and election.

Time needed:

· Several 45-minute class periods


Discussion questions to consider asking students include:

· Does past experience enter into qualifications for a candidate? How?

· What criteria should be used when making decisions in voting?

· How should individuals decide how to vote on both candidates and issues?


For a follow-up activity, have each student write why they voted for various candidates (ex. position taken on an issue).

Inclusion Practices

· Assign students to be moderator of the debate, collect the votes, and tally the results.

· Pair students accordingly.

· Allow for recorded responses instead of written.

Lesson from ODE Career Connections


Finally, we will leave you with this....

The listed jobs will have the largest increase in openings in the next 8 years (2016-2024). Educational requirements range from a high school diploma up to a doctorate.