by: Judy Blume

This book is about a girl named Katherine that takes place during the sexual revolution in the 70's. Katherine is a senior in high school that meets a boy named Michael Wagner at a New Years Eve party. At first Kathy isn't too impressed with him but as the night goes on, she slowly falls for him. Eventually Kathy and Michael build a relationship together and spend as much time together as they possibly can. Katherine and Michael end up falling madly in love and start to have a sexual relationship. This opened up a whole new world for Katherine. After her parents begin to see how close Katherine are getting, they try to make some changes in their relationship.
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about the author

Judy Blume is an American author born February 12, 1938. She has written many novels for children and young adults which have exceeded sales of over 81 million and been translated i to 30 different languages. Blume says, "I spent most of my childhood making up stories in my head." She began writing novels while her children were in preschool. She has won more than ninety literary awards and three lifetime achievement awards. Judy Blume is now 75 years old and is living with breast cancer.


Katherine Danziger Protagonist of the book. Katherine is a senior in high school who is getting ready for college. When she meets Michael, she falls in love with him. One of the novel's central plotlines is her decision to lose her virginity to him as well as the sexual relationship they share together.

Michael Wagner Boy who Katherine meets and with whom Katherine falls in love. He is a senior at another high school nearby.

Erica Small Katherine's best friend, who provides her with emotional support owing to Erica's ability to see situations from a realistic point of view.

Artie A boy who is friends with Katherine and Michael. He is not very confident about himself and questions his sexuality.


Sybil Davison Katherine's friend (and Erica's cousin) who later gets pregnant when having loveless intercourse.

Jamie Danziger Katherine's little sister. She is proficient in music, art, and cooking. She is in the seventh grade and looks a lot like Katherine.

Roger Danziger Katherine's father, a pharmacist who owns two drug stores.

Diana Danziger (née Gross) Katherine's mother, a librarian.

Hallie Gross Katherine's maternal grandmother, a lawyer and progressive liberal.

Ivan Gross Katherine's maternal grandfather, who had previously had a stroke, and would have another one later in the book which would claim his life.

Theo An older boy who Katherine inadvertently falls for while working at a camp, which spells the end of her and Michael.

David A boy Jamie falls in love with.


a. Kathrine has a lot of pressure from her family about sex and relationships.

b. Katherine falls head over heels in love with Michael and is trying to plan her life around him.

c. Her parents are tired of seeing Katherine so wrapped up in one boy while there are so many other boys out there. They think she needs to explore her options.

d. Katherine gets sent away to a camp for seven weeks.